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When Buyers can’t Read, it’s the Seller’s Fault

Buyer Failed to read Gig- Blames Seller for his Negligence!!

This doesn’t happen often, but once in a while I get careless Buyers who don’t bother reading the Gig’s Description before they purchase it. Either that, or they just don’t know HOW to read!!

Regardless, I find it very strange when they decide they want their money back, suddenly they care about it. WTF?

Anyways, buyer “armandolouder” Ordered my Youtube Promotion HERE which has 167 Positive Feedbacks.

Anyways, on the Order Page I recorded his Video at having 1,250 Views on it prior to any work being done on it.

It also had close to nothing when it came to Likes, Favs, & Subs.

So we Over-Delivered on everything as you can see for yourself:

His Video:
NOW has: 76,291 Views
NOW has: 53 Likes
NOW has: 240 FAVs
NOW has: 176 SUBs

The Buyer left a Negative Feedback Remark that simply said : “100k??” – So it seems as though he was expecting 100k Views – But I make it VERY CLEAR in my Gig that we only Guarantee 10k (NOT 100K).

In fact, I mention it more than FIVE TIMES in the Gig.

1)-The TITLE says: “10k-100k Views”.

2)-The Gig’s PHOTO even says: “UP TO” 100k

3)-The 1st paragraph says:Your Youtube Video will get a MINIMUM of 10k+ REAL-HUMAN Views, 15+ Likes, & 10 Favs, PLUS you will get 30 Subscribers

4)-Below the Screenshot, it says: “NOTE: There is NO GUARANTEE that your Video will receive 100k Views. We only Guarantee a MINIMUM of 10k Views.

5)-In the Fine Print, it says: “This is why the range of Views you may receive varies so greatly from 10k to 100k.”

But people just see what they want to see, and that shouldn’t be MY fault. I mean, if I was trying to be deceitful, I wouldn’t have Stated over FIVE Times in multiple places within the Gig that we only Guarantee 10k Views!!

Now, the other question I get is, people wondering why I even include that number, “100k” anywhere in the Gig if it’s causing so much confusion.

Well, first of all, because there’s truth to it. Just read the Feedback Comments from previous Clients and you’ll see how many people received 100k Views (be sure to scroll to the very bottom of page). They even left their Video URLs so you can look them up on Youtube.

But 2nd and most importantly, I tried to leave out that number (100k), but it didn’t work. I can’t just say in the Description: I’ll give you over 10k Views”

Not only would I be constantly trying to answer people’s questions when they ask, “well how many Views over 10k will I get?”
But I’d also have to deal with complaint after complaint about how the buyer thought they were gonna get 5 Million Views, but only got 100k so now they want a refund.

Make sense? If there’s no BIG Number to Cap it & set a Maximum, then the imagination will run wild. Especially with the kind of Abusive Buyers that are going around these days trying to get things for free.

You can’t be a Vague Seller and stay in business these days. You will get eaten up by the Refund Vultures who search for ANY weakness in your Sales procedures so they can have a free meal on you.

Ok, back to work for me,

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