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Once you’re finished, leave us the Links to your Social Profiles where you Shared your Links so we can Verify and Pay you!!

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In order to Prevent FRAUD, we ask that you Subscribe

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!!~ After you do FIVE Shares- you’re DONE with Step 1~!!




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Just provide us with the FIVE Social Profiles (where you Shared the Content above) & your SEOClerk Username via Our Contact Form BELOW and we’ll email you your Coupon Code to your ASAP!!

Here are examples of what the URLs should look like:

TWEETS:  1st, SEE THIS VIDEO, then, CLICK HERE to go to Twitter & retrieve your URL

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Provide us with the 5 Links to your Shares:



(Coupons are for NEW Members ONLY! Existing users caught creating new accounts to abuse this promo will be banned)

IMPORTANT: Submitting Support Tickets to the SEOClerk Help Desk will DIS-QUALIFY you from this Promo. So PLEASE do NOT do this- it only slows us down more!

If you want or need special attention, please either use our “Contact Form” or you can Message me at my Inbox HERE at the SEOClerk Marketplace










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70 Responses to FREE $5 Coupon for ANY Social Media or SEO Service #SEOClerks

  1. jdubtbird says:

    Love it!! Awesome Promo!! 100% Legit!!
    Just be patient!

  2. braveunicorn says:

    i’m finished i got my $5 soon 😀 thank you

  3. Philipp says:

    THANKS!! I just got my $5 Coupon!!..


  4. Philipp says:

    I just received my $5 Coupon!!..


  5. kevin says:

    i got the coupon, thank you very much!!

  6. fame says:

    Took a little while, but finally got my $5 Coupon!
    Thanks guys!

  7. akramhope says:

    i aplied but not receive the code
    im existing member is this promo only for new members?

  8. bj hill says:

    Damn. That sure took a while- but I finally got my $5 Coupon. So thank you. I appreciate it.
    I guess i didn’t know this whole Site is run by only one person (who also runs 15 other websites). It sucks how much time they gotta spend on fraud prevention/detection- making all the legit peeps wait longer 🙂
    But overall- I’m satisfied. Well worth the wait.
    Thanks 🙂

  9. uthan says:

    Thanks for the coupon!


  10. Kyle Wilkin says:

    Hello, I’m not sure if this promo is still going on, but I did all the requirements for the free $5, my Seoclerks name is: Rememorizing

    • Hey Kyle- Thanks for participating. Yes, it’s still an Active Promo (in fact, a little TOO Active). I’ve only got 1 person processing Coupon requests who is able to process maybe 3 to 5 per day, but most days, we receive many more than that.
      Verifying a User’s Eligibility involves verifying all 5 Social Shares, creating the Coupon code, then issuing it to them. Sounds simple right?

      Unfortunately, the system we currently have in place is not the most User-Friendly, so about 90% of requests, weren’t Submitted properly. So we usually have to Contact each User, and ask them to fix whatever it is they submitted incorrectly, or didn’t understand.

      Then we need to wait for their reply, Re-Verify their correction, then maybe- they’ll get their $5 Coupon, but ONLY if THEY are Legit (we’ve had a LOT of Fraud lately slowing things down- people trying to cheat the system to get multiple Coupons- and the Coupons are only for NEW Members who Signed up via THIS Very Promotion- (NO Company just gives out FREE Money for fun- it’s usually to gain new Customers)

      Even your Submission had mistakes. The Facebook URL you provided doesn’t lead us to the place where you shared anything:

      Social Share URL #1)-

      That is just the URL which ALLOWS YOU to Share something. We would need the URL to your Facebook Profile.

      Most of the time, we let this slide. Especially lately. So, If you’ve made a mistake on just 1 or 2 URLs, and you really DID Signup Via this Promo Page and you followed the Steps above correctly, then You’ll get your Coupon.

      But unfortunately, it appears you were NOT a New User when you did this Promo.

      According to your User Profile HERE: – you’ve been a Member since Dec. 5th, and you did this Promo on Dec. 15th (10 days later).

      This is why We made the STEPS Very Simple.

      STEP 1: Perform 5 Shares
      STEP 2: Signup to the Marketplace
      STEP 3: Submit Shares

      Did you wait 10 Days between Step 1 and Step 2??

      • Kyle Wilkin says:

        Hey, For the sign up, I signed up through this site, but I never noticed this promo until a few days ago. I’m tweeting u a link to my FB. Even though I think my chances at getting this now are slim since I waited to long.

  11. Jordan says:

    Thanks to all who have recently Submitted coupon requests.

    We apologize for the Delays- please be patient while we process your requests.

  12. josie says:

    just submitted my info, twitter username is @helpmeouttt and my seoclerks user is sheneverstopssm 🙂 thank you

  13. Tara says:

    Quick transaction. It took less than 24 hours for me to get the $5 coupon. Thanks again. 🙂

  14. Lisa says:

    Just finished this!

  15. lordsurh says:

    i post 3 facebook post using – Agboola sodiq
    i tweeted 3 tweets using – @surh__says
    seoclerk username is – lordsodiq

    but am yet to get my coupons in my account 🙁

    • lordsurh says:

      thanks alot i got my coupon already…………. seoclerk is the best


      AKA: -lordsodiq

      • Jordan says:

        Thanks for your patience. Also, I think the reason why you are having problems with one of your Accounts on SEOClerks is because you’re not allowed to create multiple or New Accounts to take advantage of “Free Money” Promos meant to attract NEW Members.
        That is considered fraud and costs everyone money.
        Hope it works out for you though.
        Enjoy your $5 dollars!!

  16. denzzy says:

    hey friends..
    i found a new “free twitter followers” …
    its fantastic..

  17. omegamabe says:

    @2mipromo i retweeted all the tweets

  18. santosox says:

    hi bro i got it thanks before hehehehe


  19. imon says:

    I’ve done this.
    my Twitter username is: @Joonfirstwife
    Seoclerks acc is: Meluvsimon

  20. Chil says:

    Great, Jordan gave me $5 coupon for

  21. Liam says:

    @StudioLTR done all 5

  22. Daniel says:


  23. imon says:

    I’ve done this.
    my Twitter username is: @Joonfirstwife
    Seoclerks acc is: Meluvsimon

  24. Cyber says:

    I Tweeted 5 Tweets 🙂

    Twitter: @OhTHIRDY

    Seoclerks username: carlolopez

  25. kunal rawat says:

    I dint got any coupon :/ why??


  26. kunal rawat says:

    I did it..

    seoclerks username : iixveerxii
    twitter username: @iixveerxii

  27. my twitter id is “thecriminalz”
    and seoclerks id is thecriminalzz

  28. derell says:

    Hey, It worked !

    This site is legit !!


  29. Fajri says:

    i just did it ! My twitter : @FaaajriAji_
    My Seoclerk : demon99

  30. derell says:

    I Tweeted 5 tweets 🙂
    Twitter: @drlarellano
    Seoclerks username: drlarellano

  31. Jason says:

    I’ve done this.
    my Twitter username is: @RaldFel
    Seoclerks acc is: Trololollover

    i also sent on contact us for sure. 😀

  32. Andrey says:

    I’ve done it)))

    • Jordan says:

      Did you submit your SEOClerks & Twitter Usernames via our “Contact Us” Page??
      Please do so- otherwise we have no way of knowing how to Verify – We cannot Post the Coupon Publicly or someone else will use it.

  33. Hi, just to let you know I didn’t receive an email.

  34. Jordan says:

    ATTENTION to anyone else who has recently tried Submitting their Contact info via the “Contact Us” Page – PLEASE Re-Submit your info!!!
    There was a “bug” in our “Contact Us” Page that has NOW BEEN FIXED as of today (4/22/2013)

    Thanks and we apologize for the inconvenience!!

  35. Just did the five tweets!
    Seoclerks username: YouAreBeautiful
    Twitter username: @_MahomiesGoHard

  36. Jarrid says:

    I did all 5 tweets on @Krazycouponclub

  37. Ally Brooke says:

    Great, just got my coupon! Thank you very much! 🙂

  38. Thanks – Enjoyed this article, how can I make is so that I get an email sent to me whenever there is a new post?

    • Jordan says:

      Once you click in the Comment Window to make a Comment, you’ll see TWO Boxes below the Comment Window. One says:

      -“Notify me of follow-up comments via email”

      -“Notify me of new posts via email.”

      Check one of those to receive emails per new Post (comment)- THEN, post comment.


  39. Alifhaikal7 says:

    I tweeted the tweet. I’m waiting for your response. Please check your inbox at

  40. candy0809 says:

    hey i tweeted the same and am waiting for your response. Am a new member, will i get $5 free??

    • Jordan says:

      Did you contact me at SEOClerks like it tells you to above?? Because you need to contact me with your Twitter Username so I can verify the Tweets, and then I’ll issue you the Coupon.
      I obviously can’t give it to you Publicly here in the Comment Section.

  41. Faris TP says:

    I got my free $5 coupon code from Jordan.
    SEOClerks rocks!!


  42. Mike says:

    This works!!! just got my code!! 😀

  43. Thura Oo says:

    hey there i didnt get my 5 dollar coupon. hope you can inbox it to me.

    • Jordan says:

      I have sent you the Coupon for the 600 Coins for YouPlusLike to your Inbox, but the $5 SEOClerks Coupons are only for New Members who became a Member for the first time via this Promo.
      But if you want to, why don’t you do our Blog/Forum Post Promo HERE and I’ll try to get you one of those $5 SEOClerks Coupons (since they need to be redeemed by 3/8), I might be able to give you one if it’s getting down to the last minute and we have a bunch still:

  44. prepareus says:

    I approve this, I got my voucher. Site is legit!!!

  45. Brian Tepes says:

    Vouch, this is legit. I got the coupon code and gained $5 🙂


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