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Tips and Tuts

“Tips & Tuts” on how to become a Clerk

From Clerks
For Clerks

Soon, this section will be filled with Video Tutorials along with Slideshows, and Screenshots

But for now, if any Tutorials Exist on any of the Subject Matters Listed BELOW, they will be a “Clickable LINK“:


….such as this example on “How to Cancel an Active Order”

Tutorials for:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Comment Below if you have any “Tips” to share with the Newbies!

Any Sellers who Provide a Tip or Piece of Advice will be Rewarded with the Privilege of Promoting their Services by Linking to them with Commenting Below.

New Members!!

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6 Responses to Tips and Tuts

  1. Jordan says:

    How to Locate another Users Affiliate ID – and why:

    Simply go to their Profile, and Mouse-Over the “Follow/UnFollow” Button or Right-Click to Copy Link and you get something that looks like this:

    In the Example above, the User’s ID is 3764 – this is also their Affiliate ID- Seoclerks…../linkin/3764/…

    Why would you want another User’s Affiliate ID??

    Well perhaps you want to offer a Service to help a User gain Affiliates.
    You want to create a Multi-Site similar to SEOClerks by using it’s API – where each User’s Profile includes not only their own Services, but has their Affiliate ID Embedded into their Service URLs too.

    If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you will soon. They are being built as I write this.

    A Small Scale example, I just did this real quick as an example would be my Affiliate Store: which displays Services from Level X Users ONLY.

    On the upper Left Sidebar, you’ll Notice the first few Usernames with the word “Services” Beneath them.

    If you click on each, you’ll see that it not only Displays the Services from that Individual Member, but each Service URL also Contains that Users Affiliate ID.

    Hope this helps,

  2. Jordan says:

    [TUTORIAL] How to Leave Feedback as Recommendation:

    This is always a good Tool for Sellers to give to their Buyers when Delivering an Order – since lot’s of Buyers may not know how to leave feedback-

    But when you show them how, it increases your chances of receiving Feedback- and now, even better- a Recommendation.

    Feel free to Use the Link to the Screenshot BELOW-

  3. Jordan says:

    Coming Soon- Video Tutorials for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Users of SEOClerks:

    With Tutorials such as…

    HOW TO:
    -Mark gig on Sale
    -Get Staff Selected
    -Create a coupon
    -Find my Affiliate Link
    -Embed my Affiliate Link into Service/Profile URLs
    -Bump my Gig
    -Create an Attractive Gig (w/ BBCode)
    -Level up
    -Feature my Gig
    -Boost my Sales
    -Invoke the Guarantee
    -Leave Change, remove Feedback
    -Use the API
    -Make Affiliate Sales
    -Contact Support
    -Get a refund
    -Embed a Gig’s Coupon Code into it’s URL

    But for now, got to our Youtube Channel

    If you have suggestions for Tutorials, or need help navigating our SEO Marketplace, please Comment BELOW>

  4. waji12345 says:

    Good communication is a key to success
    One tip that comes up a lot is “communicate with your buyer”. One of the biggest benefits of good communication is that it helps to build trust, especially when working with first time buyers.

    Here are some ways to incorporate communication in your workflow.

    1) Drop a line to let your buyer know you got their order and will start working on it immediately.

    2) Message your buyer at the halfway mark with an update that you are working on the order and will have it to them on time.

    If you’re running late, this is a good time to give your buyer a heads up about it. Send them a message to explain why you’ll need additional time and when they can expect the order. This is a crucial message as it can help reduce conflicts as well as cancellations.

    3) When you deliver your Gig send a thank you message that also encourages them to leave feedback for your work.

    If you’re delivering late, (hopefully you already notified your buyer as per the above) on the original delivery date you should send an update letting your buyer know when the order will be delivered. This way they know that you didn’t forget about them.

    If you have any other tips for this, please feel free to share!

  5. Jordan says:

    Today’s Tip:

    I notice a lot more Sellers lately who are Advertising other Services that they offer within their Gig’s Description – and that’s great!! Especially if you have a little knowledge of BBCode.

    But one vital thing is missing that Sellers are either forgetting to do, or simply just don’t think it’s important enough to include, and that’s their Affiliate Links!!

    Yes, you heard me. You’d be surprised to find out how many Non-Members browse through SEOClerks each day until they find something appealing to their eye to make them want to join.

    So if they’re looking at one of your Gigs, and they see another one of yours that you have posted within that one that they really like, then not only will you have gained a Sale, but you would have also gained an Affiliate for Life!!

    Heck, there’s even a Seller who Posts Gigs from OTHER Sellers within their own Gigs and it’s gotten him plenty of Affiliates (SEE HIS GIG HERE-then scroll down and look at all the banners featuring Services from all kinds of sellers- See what I’m talking about?)! It’s actually not a bad idea just as long as the Gig you post inside your Gig doesn’t compete with yours.

    I would suggest going with one that is in a different Category, far from your expertise.

    To include your Affiliate Link in any Gig, simply place it BEFORE the Category in URL of that Gig.

    If your Affiliate Link was:, then you’d place the “/linkin/1234/” just BEFORE the Category of the URL – Like so:


    Hope this helps,

  6. Jordan says:

    Some sellers may prefer to process a large quantity of Low-Priced Orders, but today I realized that it might be better to charge a little more, get a lesser Quantity of Orders, but provide much more Quality of a Service…

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