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“The Swear Box” – Anonymous Complaint Board


Welcome to “The Swear Box”Where disgruntled Users and leave Anonymous Complaints & Reports without having to worry about revealing their Identity. 

You need to get something off your chest?? This is the place to do it!!



8 Responses to “The Swear Box” – Anonymous Complaint Board

  1. Vishal Arora says:

    My gig is not getting to the top even i was edited?
    what happened to that program?

    • Jordan says:

      Editing your service will no longer bump your service to the front page. Instead, we’ve devised a new method that will promote the entire community. It is called Social Bump. The idea is simple, you promote someone else’s service on a social network and your service gets bumped back to the front.

      How to Social Bump:
      Enter into your service sales page and click the “Bump your Service” link in the top right.

      New way to

      Rules and Changes:
      You can bump your service once per day but you can’t use the same social network more than once in a three day period. You are forced to use alternate social networks if you wish to bump your services every day. Manual bumping (bumping without sharing) is now restricted to once every 21 days. Anyone can bump any service.

      For more details, rules and regulations, click the “Bump your Service” link beneath the “Edit Your Service” Link within each of your Gigs.


  2. -jrdn- says:

    Today, my ideas were “Affiliate Splits” – for Pre-Agreed upon partnerships, ad pools, or group promotions (or even FB groups):

    For example, if I couldn’t afford to Advertise with Blackhatworld on my own and wanted to split the Cost with somone else..

    The simple version would be to add multiple affiliate links like this:
    (this would make all affiliate sales referred by that link divided in half (50%/50%)

    If 3 are added, than it would split 3 ways. 4, than in quarters.

    The Complex Version would give you the ability to assign a percentage to each Affiliate Link instead of an even Split.

    The ULTRA Complex version could be implemented in something I call “Assisted Referrals” (when a combination of SC members land the Affiliate – ie: One Member refers people in a Forum to a Service on SC, but within that Service, the buyer sees a Service listed inside the Listing, that attracts their eye- they click on it which happens to contain a different member’s affiliate link and sign up to SC as a result of BOTH efforts- similar to tracking the 1st affiliate click, then the 2nd, 3rd, etc)

    My other idea was the option to add another Seller’s Service into your Gig “Extras” in order to enhance the services you offer even more.

    When that “extra” is purchased, the other seller receives it just as they would any other order but with you as the buyer.

    You can either charge more for the extra, or Seller gives discount (especially a new seller) to the Seller who offers one of their Gigs at an extra (especially one with a good rep).

    I thought of this from one of my Video promos where I explain to people that, depending on how well their Video is Optimized (Title, Description, Keywords, etc)- and a customer asked if I offer that service, but since I don’t, I told them perhaps there are other sellers here that do.

    Imagine if people could create Complete Packages out of multiple Seller’s Services and make a Commission without even having to be a Seller!!

    Perhaps this is something I’ll implement here in ComClerks- and ask sellers if they’re willing to give me a discount if I include them into one of my “All-in-One” Packages!!!

    Ok, thats today. More coming tomorrow!


  3. Brett F*** says:

    Yeah, what’s with this “Staff Selected” bullshit anyways??? – and how come you need to Submit NOT one, but TWO Tickets to the HelpDesk with all these lame ass requirements in order for the Staff to “Select” it???

    Why don’t they do their damn jobs and seek out the Gigs themselves?? and then based on the Gig’s Feedback and Seller’s Reputation Level, they can “Select” the ones that they want to Review?

    They should be approaching the Sellers!! Not making this another damn Contest!

    A truly great Seller with a Service that is beyond standards, doesn’t need to do all this crap to prove their value – nor should they have to!!

    At least change the Title from:
    “Staff Selected” to
    “Seller submitted a Ticket stating that they would achieve Staff Selected certification, then had to prove that it really works before Submitting ANOTHER Ticket in a Particular Format”

  4. Marcus G says:

    What ever happened to “SELLER PROTECTION”???

    I’m sick of all these online Companies kissing the Buyer’s asses when the Sellers are the ones who have a Reputation to Lose!!
    Buyers are just some random person off the street!! How do we know they’re not gonna rip off the Seller??

    I read the First Section of “How to get your Service Staff Certified” HERE:
    which reads:

    “Most buyers are afraid to buy your service unless they see a ton of positive reviews. Even then, they are suspicious. Will it work? Will the seller deliver my work and then once I accept all results disappear?”

    Ok, well first of all, if they paid with Paypal, who the fuck cares?? They’re covered!!
    Plus, SEOClerks holds the payment until the Seller Delivers and the Buyer’s satisfied anyways – so again, who the fuck cares?? They’re covered!!

    But what about the Buyer?? How do we know they’re not gonna Invoke the Guarantee after we Deliver and our Money “disappears”??

    Or what if we finish the job (or almost finish), then the Buyer does a Paypal Reversal and SEOClerks Admin suddenly Cancels the Order and our money “disappears”??

    How about this idea instead? If a Buyer is so worried that after a Seller delivers their work, all results will “disappear”, why not a simple Seller’s “Guarantee” that won’t expire that allows the Buyer to get refunded after Admin. Confirms that their results have in fact “Disappeared”??

    Cuz pretty soon, their Sellers are gonna start “Disappearing”.

    Like me… *****poof******

    • Jordan says:

      Actually, some Seller Protection Features are in the Works – One of those being the Option for Sellers to be able to “Block” Certain Buyers from being able to Buy their Gigs.
      But we can only do so much at once, so we appreciate your patience.

  5. Lee says:

    I was not happy with the whole “Level Up” system at SEOClerks at first, but the Help Desk at the Site actually took the time to explain things to me, heard my complaints, and actually made an effort to change how their Level System works to accommodate my needs.
    So they have made it up to me. Thanks!!


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