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The Suggestion Ladder

“The Suggestion Ladder”

This is where we are open to Suggestions that Users may have about how we can improve the Site.

Please use the Voting System and either Vote each Comment “Up”, or Vote them “Down”.

The higher each Vote, the better chance the Suggestions or Idea has of getting noticed by the Site Admins.

Users can be rewarded for their Ideas!! If a suggestion gets used by the Admin. to make an actual improvement on the Site, then the “Suggester” will be rewarded depending on the kind of idea -with anything from Public Recognition by Admin, Free Promotions on the Website, Coupons for Store Credit, to actual Cash itself!!


For now, please leave Suggestions below by Commenting.



12 Responses to The Suggestion Ladder

  1. bigcasey123 says:

    We need a Skrill/Moneybookers payment and withdraw option so seoclerks can bring in more members.


  2. bigcasey123 says:

    We need a website category so we can sell websites (with or without a domain).


  3. Jordan says:


    Here’s a Concept. PLEASE VOTE if you like it.

    This idea is a way to Automate the Process of Reselling Services from other SEOClerks Sellers.

    All Services would be bought and Sold within SEOClerk’s Domain (no outside Sites)

    References for this Example:
    -Original Seller

    Let’s say the “Original Seller” on SEOClerks is Selling 1,500 Youtube Views for $1 Dollar such as THIS Service:

    But another Seller believes they can Resell it for the price of $2 Dollars because perhaps they have a Better Reputation on SEOClerks, or they have Paid to have their Gig “Featured” on the Front Page. This would be the “Reseller”.

    A “Reseller” is someone who watches the Micro Job Marketplace (like a Stock Broker) for Low-Cost Services they can “Flip” at a higher price.

    Then, after taking Service Price, Market Demand, & Seller Reputation into Consideration, the Reseller will re-Create, re-Package, re-Word, & re-List these Services they believe can Re-Sell at a higher Price.

    Some Resellers are Cross-Market Resellers (buy on one marketplace, & resell on another).

    But this would be for the SEOClerks Marketplace ONLY.

    We all know SEOClerks takes a 20% Commission, so the Reseller would only Net $0.60 Cents on each Transaction.

    Hardly worth the hassle of dealing with the Quantity of Orders and all the Customer Service that comes along with each Sale.

    But what if it were all Automated?

    How? would it work? Well…..

    The “Buyer” places the Order from the Reseller for $2 Dollars, and follows the Seller Instructions (which would be identical to the “Original Seller’s” Instructions).

    These instructions would most likely request that the Buyer provide their Youtube URL. But instead of it going to the “Reseller” it would automatically Forward to the “Original Seller”!!

    In fact, ALL Communications between Buyer & Seller within any Resale Order would be “Blind”.

    So to the Buyer, it would appear they are Communicating with the Reseller when in fact, they are Communicating with the “Original Seller”.

    But to the Original Seller, it would still appear “as is”- Coming from the Reseller.

    For the Buyer, it would appear as ONE Single Transaction, when in fact, there are TWO.

    1)- The $2 Transaction between the Buyer & the Reseller

    2)- The $1 Transaction between the Reseller & Original Seller

    (each Transaction will still be treated as it’s OWN Stand-Alone, independent transaction– including Feedback, refunds, complaints, etc.)

    The Original Seller would then add the 1,500 Views onto the Buyer’s Video, and when Finished, they would Deliver to the Reseller- who would then Verify the work first before finally Delivering it to the Buyer.

    EVERYTHING would be Automated- Starting from Purchase- All the way to the END.

    So the ONLY thing a Reseller would need to do is Verify the Work on all Orders from the Original Sellers before Delivering the FINAL WORK to the Buyers!!

    THATS IT!!

    Original Seller would simply Agree to “Allow others to Resell my Service” upon Gig Creation.

    Seller makes more Sales!
    Reseller Makes more Sales!
    SEOClerks would make 2x 20% Commission!!


  4. Jordan says:

    Or what if you could assign a percentage of another Sellers Discount from their Coupon Code as your Commission?

    So let’s say a Seller is willing to give a 30% discount on their Gig in exchange for exposure on your Coupon Page of your Blog?

    You the promote the offer as a 20% Discount on the Gig, and you get a 10% Commission from each Buyer who Redeems that Coupon to purchase that Service.

    One way to do this would be on the Buyer’s end.
    Where they create an “Split” Coupon Code and assign how much goes where…


    On the Seller’s end, they can Generate a unique Code based on the one the Seller provided them.

    Then promote that Service and give out that newly Generated Code as a 20% off Coupon (or whatever you want, minus your commission)-

    Each Redemption of that unique Code would split the Coupon:

    20%= Discount to Buyer
    10%= Bonus to Referr

    This can be many Layers Deep – not just two – It’s endless.

    The more Discount you give as a Seller, the more it will get promoted by other users who simply take whatever Cut they want to.

    So if I want to give a 90% discount on a Gig, knowing that it will get promoted a lot more by other users, then I would totally do that.

    Especially if the Original Sellers could keep their own Affiliate Link Embedded.

    So this would just be a unique Code that would provide the “Referrers” a percentage ONLY when purchased via that particular Coupon Code, but that’s it.

    The original Seller would STILL receive 10% of ALL Future Sales from the affiliate.

    Make any sense??

    One day, maybe either you’ll understand, or I’ll start to make sense,,,


  5. Jordan says:

    Today, my ideas were “Affiliate Splits” – for Pre-Agreed-upon partnerships, ad pools, or group promotions (or even FB groups):
    For example, if I couldn’t afford to Advertise with Blackhatworld on my own and wanted to split the Cost with somone else..

    The simple version would be to add multiple affiliate links like this:
    (this would make all affiliate sales referred by the above URL SPLIT two ways-


    If 3 Affiliate Links are added, than it would split 3 ways. If 4, than in quarters.

    The Complex Version would give you the ability to assign a percentage to each Affiliate Link instead of an even Split:

    (this would make 25% of affiliate sale purchases go to “/linkin3746/”, and 75% would go to “/linkin2643/”.

    The ULTRA Complex version could be implemented in something I call “Assisted Referrals” -Kinda like the “Assisted Tackle in Football” (when a combination of SC members land the Affiliate – ie: Let’s say you’ve got some of the BEST Services on SEOClerks with the lowest Prices and one SEOClerks Member Decides Review one of your Gigs on their Blog and Links to it with their Affiliate Link embedded in it.

    Then, a random Reader, reads it. Wants to know more, so they click on the Link to your Gig.
    But you put a lot of work into the presentation of your Gig by including attractive Text as well as Banner Images that Link to other Gigs you offer on SEOClerks. (which each contain your embedded Affiliate Link).

    One of the Banners of your other Gigs catches their eye with it’s Animated Imagery & Competitive Price.

    The buyer sees it- they click on it, and sign up to SEOClerks as a result of BOTH efforts- similar to tracking the 1st affiliate click, then the 2nd, 3rd, etc).
    They would’ve NEVER seen your Service had it not been for the Blog’s Review from the first referral.
    They would’ve NEVER signed up to SEOClerks had it not been for the one you Listed inside your Gig.

    Who gets the Affiliate?
    The one who Baited the Hook, cast the Line, & got the fish to Bite?
    The one who reeled them in, and put them in the net for good?


    My other idea was the option to add another Seller’s Service into your Gig “Extras” in order to enhance the services & offer a much more “Complete Package”.

    When that “extra” is purchased, the other seller receives it just as they would any other order but from YOU as the buyer.

    You can either charge more for the extra, or Seller gives discount (especially a new seller) to the Seller who offers one of their Gigs at an extra (especially one with a good rep).

    I thought of this from one of my Video promos where I explain to people that, depending on how well their Video is Optimized (Title, Description, Keywords, etc)- and a customer asked if I offer that service, but since I don’t, I told them perhaps there are other sellers here that do.

    Imagine if people could create Complete Packages out of multiple Seller’s Services and make a Commission without even having to be a Seller!!

    Perhaps this is something I’ll implement here in ComClerks- and ask sellers if they’re willing to give me a discount if I include them into one of my “All-in-One” Packages!!!

    Ok, thats today. More coming tomorrow!


    • Jordan says:

      With this whole API thing opening the doors to people being able to basically have their own “SEOClerk Websites” -I wonder if there is any way for people to split their 10% into 5% in order to offer their own Affiliate Program to promote their API Sites.

      (ie: Have an affiliate program of your own offering people 5% on all future purchases made by their affiliates.)

      This may be another purpose behind the “Affiliate Split” Concept I spoke of at an earlier date.

      I remember someone mentioning something about creating some kind of “Quick signup” for the Affiliates when trying to purchase something from someone’s API Store.

      I remember seeing a Plugin for an Auction Site on WP that basically had it setup to where Members never even had to signup in order to make a purchase-

      They somehow used their Paypal transaction to sign them up automatically using their Paypal email the moment they made a transaction.

      I wonder if there’s a way for people to have their own SC Stores that list Services from SC, but instead of having to re-route affiliates and all that, just simply reselling SC services basically, but they would just get a 10% discount on everything (which would count as their affiliate percentage).

      Just thinking out loud….

  6. When a Seller sends a Buyer a “Mutual Cancellation”, there needs to be something that makes it more clear to Buyers that they will ALSO receive a REFUND upon the acceptance of the Cancellation.

    The other Confusion Buyers experience with Mutual Cancellations, is when they “Reject” the Seller’s Work and the Seller tries to Refund the Buyer by Sending a Mutual Agreement in which the Buyer now has to “Accept”.

    But they’re already in “Reject Mode” so they “Reject” their own Refund, yelling & screaming at the Seller!!

    I think it’s because some Buyers are still under the impression that the Seller is the one holding their Money, so when they see a Cancellation Request without a refund attached to it, they go bezerk!!

    As shown in the example below:

    Screenshot of Buyer Rejecting Refund


  7. Are you guys ever going to have an RSS Feed for the WTB Section??
    I host a Website that helps Freelancers find jobs (kinda like Monster, etc)
    I would love to be able to run the “Want to Buy” Feed on my Site.

    And it would be great to somehow be able to incorporate a way for us to gain an Affiliate when a Seller signs up to Fulfill the WTB ad (even though we wouldn’t make anything from that first transaction since we only get Affiliate credit for Purchases -not Sales) – but in case that person ever Buys anything in the future!!

    Thanks for listening!!

  8. How about the ability to Search Gigs based on a Seller’s Level?? For Example, if I just wanted to Search for Gigs from Level X Sellers.
    Hope you guys will make this happen.

  9. I wish SEOClerks had a way for Sellers to issue Partial Refunds to Buyers for Orders that can only be Partially Completed or if for some reason one of the Gig’s “extras” aren’t available or finished on time.
    I find myself having to offer a Coupon Code to the Buyer for their Next Order because I don’t want to refund the FULL Price of the Order.
    Please consider.

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