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The Penny Panel -Social Shares for Pennies Makes More Cents



The “Penny Panel”– Social Shares for Pennies Make More Cents







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Review of SEOClerks Seller “mqss”

Review of SEOClerks Seller “mqss”
Member Since: Feb. 24th, 2012
Seller’s Feedback: thumb_up 30 thumb_down 1  
96.8% Positive
Seller’s Level:
Level 3


For all of you who don’t know this, Youtube Videos have become some of the most influential marketing and promotional Tools in today’s race to the top Rank. Most people don’t think about the fact that Google OWNS Youtube, so what better way to Rank high in Google than with a Youtube Video?!!

Well that’s what SEOClerks Seller “mqss” realized back when they Listed this Gig:

“I will make you short HD advertising video with 7 lines of text for $5”

-and has since made many Happy Customers!!

Combine that with a Video Promotion Gig and you’ll have your Video Ranking higher than what most Websites Rank after having Spent thousands on SEO.

Then, what you can do is either put your Website or Affiliate Link in the Description, or better yet, Create a Call-to-Action on your Video by running a “One-Time” Adwords Promo on that Video. Once you’ve run Adwords on any given Video, it will allow you to Create your own, Custom Call-to-Action on it FOR LIFE!! Even after your Adwords Ad stops running!! 

I came in 2nd Place in the last Affiliate Contest that SEOClerks did, and a majority of my Conversions came from Youtube Videos. So the question is, can you afford NOT to Buy this Gig??

Gig’s Feedback: thumb_up 7 thumb_down 0

Gig’s Feedback Score: 100% Positive


Review of SEOClerks Seller “illdo123”

Review of SEOClerks Seller “illdo123”

Probably one of the youngest Sellers on SEOClerks at only 15 years old, “illdo123” has been a Member since September, 2012 and is already a Level 3 Seller with almost 75 Positive Feedback Ratings!!

Not only does this Seller provide some of the most affordable Youtube Services on SEOClerks such as THIS ONE:

I will give you 1000 Youtube Views & 2 Comments for $1” (which is also Featured on our Page of “$1 Dollar SEO Services“)

But illdo123 also manages to Donate 10% of all proceeds to Cancer Research!!

Now, whether or not it can be proven is questionable, but one thing that has all the Proof you need (see Seller’s Profile HERE), is this Seller’s ability to Deliver a great Service at the right price!!


List of Social Exchanges!!

Attention Readers!!

We have JUST Posted a long list of over 25 FREE Social Exchange Sites HERE!!

Social Exchanges are where REAL People Follow & Like each other’s Social Media Profiles to help populate their Accounts.

These Sites are 100% FREE and abide by all Terms of the Sites being Exchanged- which include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +1, Youtube, Digg, Delicious, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Vimeo, Myspace, and many more!!

If anyone has one for us to add to the List, please feel free to Submit it by Commenting either here or below the List.



Using Royalty-Free Music in Youtube Videos


A client who downloaded one of our Royalty-Free Music Libraries from AudioClerks had asked me for a “License Agreement” that they could use for their Youtube Video – Insisting that he was required by Youtube to provide the following information shown in this email:

           To quote youtube’s latest email:

“Royalty-free music requires: the song title, artist name, a direct link to the track, and a link to the terms”
 … and …
“Original compositions from third parties require written permission from the rights’ owner(s) stating that you are              permitted to use their content commercially containing the video’s URL”
“For a musical composition in the public domain, please link us to a primary (original or scholarly) source demonstrating the status of the composition”

And finally: ” Please submit your additional information here. Note that we may disapprove your video for monetization if we do not hear from you within 14 days.

YouTube reserves the right to make the final decision whether to monetize a video, and may disable monetization for users who repeatedly submit ineligible videos.”


He also sent me THIS SCREENSHOT of Youtube Video Submission Form.


After realizing that he was Submitting his Video foe Monetization, my reply to his message was:

This info is “Optional” NOT Required. 

As you can see, it says: “Suggested Information to Include”.

There have been many cases when I have submitted Videos with Tracks that I created – and I simply wrote “I own all RIghts to this Music”. – and unless Youtube can find something to Contest that, then they will most likely accept that you are the Copyright Owner.

But even if all that info WAS Required, it would only be required if you were uploading music that is Copyrighted by you and you plan on Monetizing your Videos to earn revenues from your music. 

You cannot do that with 3rd Party Royalty-Free music. You are NOT allowed to act as a Licensee and earn Revenues off it and act as the Copyright holder because you are not. 

This music is STILL Copyrighted, it’s just Royalty-Free – Meaning you don’t have to PAY for each use.

It doesn’t mean you get PAID for each use. 

By submitting your Video for Monetization, it means that YOU are trying to earn Revenues (Royalties) from this Music – which, in turn, will no longer make it “Royalty-Free” because YOU will be making a Royalty on it from each Play.

That is not allowed. You must create your own Original Music if you wish to earn Royalties from it.


So for all of you who think that you can Monetize Youtube Video’s using a 3rd Party’s Royalty-Free music – the answer is NO!!

All it means is that Youtube won’t Take it down or “Force-Monetize” it – It just depends on what the Copyright Owner requests that Youtube do whenever someone uploads Content they own.

It may not be the correct term, but “Force Monetize” is when the Content Owner requests that Youtube Automatically Monetize any Video uploaded that includes their Content, then a percentage of the Revenue goes to the Content Owner.

I know this because I produce Music and have been offered this from Youtube.

Many people have a hard time understanding the legalities behind Royalty-Free Music, which makes sense. There’s a lot to understand.

Please feel free to submit ANY Audio Related questions here. Even if they involve producing, engineering, composing, etc.

There isn’t a question I can’t answer.



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