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Can SEOClerks Sellers Issue Coupons for Partial Refunds etc?

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Should Sellers be able to Create Coupons from their SEOClerks Balance- Offering Partial Refunds to Buyers- and Incentives to Affiliates??



I can’t remember how many times a Buyer would Order something – and wished I could have offered them a Partial Refund.

For example, maybe they purchased one of my “extras” from my Service and I wasn’t able to provide the “extra” at the time or maybe the customer mistook it for something other than what it was.

Having to ask a Buyer to agree to Mutually Cancel the Order in hopes that they will Re-Order minus the “extra”, is like taking a fish off the hook, releasing it into the abyss, & hoping for it to swim back to you. 

Or perhaps there was a situation where the Customer was satisfied for the most part, but there was one little thing that couldn’t be fixed.

Let’s say a Customer buys 20k Youtube Views for $10, and for some reason, the Seller was only able to deliver 19k Views. Why can’t the Seller partially refund them $2?? 

I usually just give them “Store credit” for Future orders- but it’s a Verbal Credit and it can be challenging keeping track of what I owe who. (sure, I could give them a Coupon code for that gig, but what if they want one of my other gigs?).


This is yet ANOTHER good reason to implement “Seller Generated Site-Wide Coupon Codes” (a coupon code for any dollar amount that the seller can create using their own funds – but is good for ANYTHING in the Clerks Marketplace).

This is something I have mentioned many times in the past- and hopefully will happen soon.

Sellers could even host their OWN “FreeMoney” Promo similar to the one SEOClerks had?

(which seems to be temporarily disabled)  

Have you ever bought a Service that could have justified a Partial Refund?

Do you think Sellers should be able to offer Buyers Partial Refunds?

Should Sellers be able to “Self-Fund” Coupons to Convert Affiliates??


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Automated Options for Resellers??

Admins Pick of the Week


Here’s a Concept. PLEASE VOTE BELOW to let us know what you think!!

This idea is a way to Automate the Process of Reselling Services from other SEOClerks Sellers.

All Services would be bought and Sold within SEOClerk’s Domain (no outside Sites)

References for this Example:
-Original Seller

Let’s say the “Original Seller” on SEOClerks is Selling 1,500 Youtube Views for $1 Dollar such as THIS Service:

But another Seller believes they can Resell it for the price of $2 Dollars because perhaps they have a Better Reputation on SEOClerks, or they have Paid to have their Gig “Featured” on the Front Page. This would be the “Reseller”.

A “Reseller” is someone who watches the Micro Job Marketplace (like a Stock Broker) for Low-Cost Services they can “Flip” at a higher price.

Then, after taking Service Price, Market Demand, & Seller Reputation into Consideration, the Reseller will re-Create, re-Package, re-Word, & re-List these Services they believe can Re-Sell at a higher Price.

Some Resellers are Cross-Market Resellers (buy on one marketplace, & resell on another).

But this would be for the SEOClerks Marketplace ONLY.

We all know SEOClerks takes a 20% Commission, so the Reseller would only Net $0.60 Cents on each Transaction.

Hardly worth the hassle of dealing with the Quantity of Orders and all the Customer Service that comes along with each Sale.

But what if it were all Automated?

How? would it work? Well…..

The “Buyer” places the Order from the Reseller for $2 Dollars, and follows the Seller Instructions (which would be identical to the “Original Seller’s” Instructions).

These instructions would most likely request that the Buyer provide their Youtube URL. But instead of it going to the “Reseller” it would automatically Forward to the “Original Seller”!!

In fact, ALL Communications between Buyer & Seller within any Resale Order would be “Blind”.

So to the Buyer, it would appear they are Communicating with the Reseller when in fact, they are Communicating with the “Original Seller”.

But to the Original Seller, it would still appear “as is”- Coming from the Reseller.

For the Buyer, it would appear as ONE Single Transaction, when in fact, there are TWO.

  1. The $2 Transaction between the Buyer & the Reseller
  2. The $1 Transaction between the Reseller & Original Seller

(each Transaction will still be treated as it’s OWN Stand-Alone, independent transaction– including Feedback, refunds, complaints, etc.)

The Original Seller would then add the 1,500 Views onto the Buyer’s Video, and when Finished, they would Deliver to the Reseller- who would then Verify the work first before finally Delivering it to the Buyer.

EVERYTHING would be Automated- Starting from Purchase- All the way to the END.

So the ONLY thing a Reseller would need to do is Verify the Work on all Orders from the Original Sellers before Delivering the FINAL WORK to the Buyers!!


Original Seller would simply Agree to “Allow others to Resell my Service” upon Gig Creation.

Seller makes more Sales!
Reseller Makes more Sales!
SEOClerks would make 2x 20% Commission!!




Gain Affiliates & Sales | Embed Gigs into Social Media Tool

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Make your Gigs GO VIRAL & Gain Affiliates by Embedding your Affiliate Link & Coupon Code into a Social Media Sharing Tool.

Then, all Visitors on your Gig’s Page, will be Given the Option to “Tweet” about your Gig in order to Access your Discount. (or Share on Facebook, Linkedin, or Vk)


A Discount that YOU

  • Don’t EVER Lose Money on
  • Can Gain Affiliates with
  • Can Keep PRIVATE!!


Why would you want to Publicly Display your Gig’s Coupon Codes for the whole world to seo?? (that was a joke, I meant to say “see”)

Only to have your “Loyal”, Return-Customers exploit your willingness to Sacrifice a piece of your Hard-earned, Ever-Shrinking Profit Margin, just so they can keep getting the SAME Discount over and over without giving you anything in return!?!? 

You call that LOYAL??

Isn’t the purpose of a “Discount” or a “Coupon” to attract NEW Customers?? AND Gain Affiliates??

Well, with THIS Method, you can stand up straight!!

No more bending over!!

Because even Return Customers will have to Tweet about your Gig EACH TIME they Purchase it (if they want a Discount, that is).

Which will eventually Lead to More “New Customers” for YOU!!

Buyers get a Discount on your Gig in exchange for Social Media Shares upon Checkout?? What a CONCEPT!!


  • Embed your Affiliate Link & Coupon Code into it’s Social Media Sharing Tool.

Then, give you a… 

  • Banner that Displays at the Top of your Gig which looks like This: 
This is the Banner that will go inside your Gig

We will Customize this Banner According to your Discount- Different Sizes Available


This will make your Visitors have to

  • “Tweet” about your Gig to Access your Discount.

A Discount that YOU

  • Create
  • Control
  • Keep from the Public.


This Service is 100% Guaranteed by the Seller to give you MORE exposure or your Money Back!!

Level X Seller Guarantee - 100% Refund by exjordanary on SEOClerks 

Seller Level:

SEOClerks TOP Seller Level X

Preventative Features for Sellers to Avoid Disputes | SEO Forum by SEOClerks

Guarantee Reject now requires a reason | SEO Forum by SEOClerks.


Protecting the Buyers is great and all. So I think this is a step in the right direction to protect Sellers.
But I think more can be done, especially for Reputable Sellers with that have been proven to be honest.
Sure, we need to make the buyers feel comfortable with their purchases. But Buyers come and go. Reputable Sellers don’t come around very often, and I think it’s important for SEOClerks to do what it takes to keep those Sellers from finding another home.
So why can’t a Level X Seller with over 500 Positive Feedbacks 99% Positive (for example), be given a Guarantee that they’ll get Paid? Many times have I started a job (which costs money, time & resources btw), only to have it Cancelled half way through, or have the Buyer Revoke the Guarantee.
Now, I understand the need for SEOClerks to cover their asses when a fraudulent buyer reverses payment- so I’m not suggesting they take 20% of our losses only because they take 20% of our Gains.
But perhaps maybe us Reputable Sellers can require a Non-refundable Deposit (a percentage of the Full Cost) prior to the acceptance of Orders priced above a particular price threshold. These “Deposits” would have to be Paid AND “Cleared” by Paypal before the Seller can begin the Order.
If that sounds too unreasonable (or time consuming), than how about the ability for Sellers to set Buyer Requirements in order for them to place orders on their Gigs. For example, an Individual Setting for each Seller such as:
  • Do not Accept Orders from Buyers with a Feedback Score of ___ or Less
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers who have been Members of SEOClerks for less than ___ Weeks/Months…
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers in these Countries:
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers with the following Usernames: (the good ol’e Buyer Blacklist we’ve been waiting for)
  • ONLY Accept Orders from Buyers who Speak __________ (language barriers have lead to a majority of my disputes)


Perhaps allowing these types of “Preventative” Features to be set by Sellers, would relieve the HelpDesk from the amount of Tickets it Receives, AND give Less-Reputable Sellers Incentives to build their Reputations!!
Just a thought (or two)
 Please Vote Below:
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