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Can SEOClerks Sellers Issue Coupons for Partial Refunds etc?

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Should Sellers be able to Create Coupons from their SEOClerks Balance- Offering Partial Refunds to Buyers- and Incentives to Affiliates??



I can’t remember how many times a Buyer would Order something – and wished I could have offered them a Partial Refund.

For example, maybe they purchased one of my “extras” from my Service and I wasn’t able to provide the “extra” at the time or maybe the customer mistook it for something other than what it was.

Having to ask a Buyer to agree to Mutually Cancel the Order in hopes that they will Re-Order minus the “extra”, is like taking a fish off the hook, releasing it into the abyss, & hoping for it to swim back to you. 

Or perhaps there was a situation where the Customer was satisfied for the most part, but there was one little thing that couldn’t be fixed.

Let’s say a Customer buys 20k Youtube Views for $10, and for some reason, the Seller was only able to deliver 19k Views. Why can’t the Seller partially refund them $2?? 

I usually just give them “Store credit” for Future orders- but it’s a Verbal Credit and it can be challenging keeping track of what I owe who. (sure, I could give them a Coupon code for that gig, but what if they want one of my other gigs?).


This is yet ANOTHER good reason to implement “Seller Generated Site-Wide Coupon Codes” (a coupon code for any dollar amount that the seller can create using their own funds – but is good for ANYTHING in the Clerks Marketplace).

This is something I have mentioned many times in the past- and hopefully will happen soon.

Sellers could even host their OWN “FreeMoney” Promo similar to the one SEOClerks had?

(which seems to be temporarily disabled)  

Have you ever bought a Service that could have justified a Partial Refund?

Do you think Sellers should be able to offer Buyers Partial Refunds?

Should Sellers be able to “Self-Fund” Coupons to Convert Affiliates??


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Sample Page

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Access Discount

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This Tutorial has FOUR Sections starting from “Beginner“, then “Intermediate, to “Advanced” Tips, Tools, & Tactics made with COLOR CODED TextVideos and Images – on how to Make the Most of Social MediaCoupon Codes, and SEOClerk’s Affiliate Program


Learn how to utilize Incentives like the “FreeMoney” Promo and Coupon Codes to Gain Affiliates, Facebook Fans, Shares, and Tweets – Whether it’s INSIDE your Services, on your Facebook Page, or anywhere.


From Beginner —> to ADVANCED 



1.)- Beginner‘s Bearings:

“Identifying and Maximizing your Affiliate ID”
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You will Learn how to Locate your Affiliate ID and Embed it into Many Types of URLs here on SEOClerks that you can use to Gain More Affiliates and Sales.

URLs Such as:

  • Free Money Promo URL
  • Service URLs
  • Signup Page URL
  • User Profile URLs
  • RSS Affiliate Feeds (Click for RSS Feed sample)
  • WTT URLs
  • WTB URLs
  • Checkout URLs
  • CodeClerks URLs
  • ListingDock URLs


You’ll also “Learn to Turn your Facebook Page into an Affiliate Store in less than 5 Minutes– GUARANTEED!!” -Learn to add Tabs to your FB Page which bring Visitors to SEOClerks via your Affiliate ID
You can Display these “Tabs” on your Facebook Pages as shown below:
Facebook Page Tabs
This Tab BELOW Directs Visitors to SEOClerks via your Affiliate ID (in RED):

(click image above to see what happens when your Fb Visitors Click the Tab)

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2.)- Intermediate Integrations:

“Create a Single ‘Discount URL’ and Embed into Fb Tabs”

If you don’t already know how to Create Coupon Codes for your Service, you will learn to do that first. (or CLICK HERE for Visual Tutorial).

Then you’ll learn to Create a SINGLE Checkout URL which will Apply your Coupon Code’s Discount and your Affiliate ID– when Visited.

I call this, a Discount URL

You can Apply your Discount URL in many ways- As Demonstrated in the Facebook Tabs below:

(click image above to see 20% Discount Automatically Subtracted from Total)


But, why not gain “Leads” at the same time- since you’re offering a Discount?

Now, if you Click the Image above, you’ll notice the “Optional” FanGate has been Activated:


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Level 3

3.)- Advanced Attributes:

“Embed ‘Incentive URLs’ into FanGates & Social Share Tool”

Learn how to Implement your “Discount URL” and the “FreeMoney Promo”into Social Media Tools and Facebook FanGates. So you can Offer Discountsand Free Money as Incentives to your Visitors!!- Allowing you to gain AffiliatesAND more Social Clout simultaneously!!

The Buttons Below would be placed inside your Gig- at the TOP and the BOTTOM
(we provide you with 11 of EACH with several discount Percentages):

Sample Page for VisitorsAccess Discount for "Liking" Fb Page

(go ahead, try them to see it’s magic work)

~don’t worry, you will NOT be charged anything~

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SEOClerks TOP Seller Level X

4.)- CompleX Constructions:

After you learn BOTH, you can Bounce between the two and Create “Multi-Stage Social Gateways”– where you can give Users access to larger Offers

(such as the FreeMoney Promo, or a Discount URL)

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