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I will sell US verified google account and voice account., max bid of $100

I can provide you US verified google account and voice account. I can give per day maximum 10-30 google account and each account 5$. just order me.

by: seomangood
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Website Review in 1500-2000 words., max bid of $25

I want a review of this site in 1500-2000 words.
Review should list all the services categories and how its good for both sellers and buyers
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I need 2 referral in one app, max bid of $7

I need a workers from india for this job. Simply create a 2 gmail accounts and signup using my link..


  1. create gmail accounts
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Merge two WP Plugins & Add task to wp-conjob, max bid of $30

Take this plugin A and add feature from Plugin B, Make Plugin B Feature work on the conjob same as Plugin A
Plugin A: (I will provide plugin files)
Plugin ..(SEE LISTING NOW)      

I need 20 quality forum link, max bid of $5

The main topic is about education.

The price: $1 per 1 forum link.

In the form of the comment.
In English sites

Before we start our collaboration, please send me several examples of ..(SEE LISTING NOW)