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Can SEOClerks Sellers Issue Coupons for Partial Refunds etc?

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Should Sellers be able to Create Coupons from their SEOClerks Balance- Offering Partial Refunds to Buyers- and Incentives to Affiliates??



I can’t remember how many times a Buyer would Order something – and wished I could have offered them a Partial Refund.

For example, maybe they purchased one of my “extras” from my Service and I wasn’t able to provide the “extra” at the time or maybe the customer mistook it for something other than what it was.

Having to ask a Buyer to agree to Mutually Cancel the Order in hopes that they will Re-Order minus the “extra”, is like taking a fish off the hook, releasing it into the abyss, & hoping for it to swim back to you. 

Or perhaps there was a situation where the Customer was satisfied for the most part, but there was one little thing that couldn’t be fixed.

Let’s say a Customer buys 20k Youtube Views for $10, and for some reason, the Seller was only able to deliver 19k Views. Why can’t the Seller partially refund them $2?? 

I usually just give them “Store credit” for Future orders- but it’s a Verbal Credit and it can be challenging keeping track of what I owe who. (sure, I could give them a Coupon code for that gig, but what if they want one of my other gigs?).


This is yet ANOTHER good reason to implement “Seller Generated Site-Wide Coupon Codes” (a coupon code for any dollar amount that the seller can create using their own funds – but is good for ANYTHING in the Clerks Marketplace).

This is something I have mentioned many times in the past- and hopefully will happen soon.

Sellers could even host their OWN “FreeMoney” Promo similar to the one SEOClerks had?

(which seems to be temporarily disabled)  

Have you ever bought a Service that could have justified a Partial Refund?

Do you think Sellers should be able to offer Buyers Partial Refunds?

Should Sellers be able to “Self-Fund” Coupons to Convert Affiliates??


Preventative Features for Sellers to Avoid Disputes | SEO Forum by SEOClerks

Guarantee Reject now requires a reason | SEO Forum by SEOClerks.


Protecting the Buyers is great and all. So I think this is a step in the right direction to protect Sellers.
But I think more can be done, especially for Reputable Sellers with that have been proven to be honest.
Sure, we need to make the buyers feel comfortable with their purchases. But Buyers come and go. Reputable Sellers don’t come around very often, and I think it’s important for SEOClerks to do what it takes to keep those Sellers from finding another home.
So why can’t a Level X Seller with over 500 Positive Feedbacks 99% Positive (for example), be given a Guarantee that they’ll get Paid? Many times have I started a job (which costs money, time & resources btw), only to have it Cancelled half way through, or have the Buyer Revoke the Guarantee.
Now, I understand the need for SEOClerks to cover their asses when a fraudulent buyer reverses payment- so I’m not suggesting they take 20% of our losses only because they take 20% of our Gains.
But perhaps maybe us Reputable Sellers can require a Non-refundable Deposit (a percentage of the Full Cost) prior to the acceptance of Orders priced above a particular price threshold. These “Deposits” would have to be Paid AND “Cleared” by Paypal before the Seller can begin the Order.
If that sounds too unreasonable (or time consuming), than how about the ability for Sellers to set Buyer Requirements in order for them to place orders on their Gigs. For example, an Individual Setting for each Seller such as:
  • Do not Accept Orders from Buyers with a Feedback Score of ___ or Less
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers who have been Members of SEOClerks for less than ___ Weeks/Months…
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers in these Countries:
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers with the following Usernames: (the good ol’e Buyer Blacklist we’ve been waiting for)
  • ONLY Accept Orders from Buyers who Speak __________ (language barriers have lead to a majority of my disputes)


Perhaps allowing these types of “Preventative” Features to be set by Sellers, would relieve the HelpDesk from the amount of Tickets it Receives, AND give Less-Reputable Sellers Incentives to build their Reputations!!
Just a thought (or two)
 Please Vote Below:

When Buyers can’t Read, it’s the Seller’s Fault

Buyer Failed to read Gig- Blames Seller for his Negligence!!

This doesn’t happen often, but once in a while I get careless Buyers who don’t bother reading the Gig’s Description before they purchase it. Either that, or they just don’t know HOW to read!!

Regardless, I find it very strange when they decide they want their money back, suddenly they care about it. WTF?

Anyways, buyer “armandolouder” Ordered my Youtube Promotion HERE which has 167 Positive Feedbacks.

Anyways, on the Order Page I recorded his Video at having 1,250 Views on it prior to any work being done on it.

It also had close to nothing when it came to Likes, Favs, & Subs.

So we Over-Delivered on everything as you can see for yourself:

His Video:
NOW has: 76,291 Views
NOW has: 53 Likes
NOW has: 240 FAVs
NOW has: 176 SUBs

The Buyer left a Negative Feedback Remark that simply said : “100k??” – So it seems as though he was expecting 100k Views – But I make it VERY CLEAR in my Gig that we only Guarantee 10k (NOT 100K).

In fact, I mention it more than FIVE TIMES in the Gig.

1)-The TITLE says: “10k-100k Views”.

2)-The Gig’s PHOTO even says: “UP TO” 100k

3)-The 1st paragraph says:Your Youtube Video will get a MINIMUM of 10k+ REAL-HUMAN Views, 15+ Likes, & 10 Favs, PLUS you will get 30 Subscribers

4)-Below the Screenshot, it says: “NOTE: There is NO GUARANTEE that your Video will receive 100k Views. We only Guarantee a MINIMUM of 10k Views.

5)-In the Fine Print, it says: “This is why the range of Views you may receive varies so greatly from 10k to 100k.”

But people just see what they want to see, and that shouldn’t be MY fault. I mean, if I was trying to be deceitful, I wouldn’t have Stated over FIVE Times in multiple places within the Gig that we only Guarantee 10k Views!!

Now, the other question I get is, people wondering why I even include that number, “100k” anywhere in the Gig if it’s causing so much confusion.

Well, first of all, because there’s truth to it. Just read the Feedback Comments from previous Clients and you’ll see how many people received 100k Views (be sure to scroll to the very bottom of page). They even left their Video URLs so you can look them up on Youtube.

But 2nd and most importantly, I tried to leave out that number (100k), but it didn’t work. I can’t just say in the Description: I’ll give you over 10k Views”

Not only would I be constantly trying to answer people’s questions when they ask, “well how many Views over 10k will I get?”
But I’d also have to deal with complaint after complaint about how the buyer thought they were gonna get 5 Million Views, but only got 100k so now they want a refund.

Make sense? If there’s no BIG Number to Cap it & set a Maximum, then the imagination will run wild. Especially with the kind of Abusive Buyers that are going around these days trying to get things for free.

You can’t be a Vague Seller and stay in business these days. You will get eaten up by the Refund Vultures who search for ANY weakness in your Sales procedures so they can have a free meal on you.

Ok, back to work for me,

Buyers can scam with the guarantee? – SEOClerks

Buyers can scam with the guarantee? – SEOClerks.

How to handle Buyers who Abuse the “Money Back Guarantee”

Abusive Buyers and the “money back guarantee”:

This is what we call “Buyer Abuse” and it has become more and more Common in the past couple years. Especially since many large Companies that accept Electronic Payments (ebay, paypal, amazon) have been known to side with the buyer 99.9% of the time.

There a couple things we suggest you do:

1)- Report them to the “Abusive Buyer Blacklist” here at CommunityClerks by submitting their SEOClerks Username along with any information about the transaction they abused. This will be seen by SEOClerks Admins & will help them to stop these buyers if they see them abusing the system more than once.
It will also be seen by other Sellers so they can be aware of these Abusive Buyers.

2)- Lower the Percentage of your Guarantee from 100% down to a much lower number – even 1%.

This will allow the Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 1_48_11 AM.png Flag to still be advertised in your Gig’s listing to attract more buyers, but will deter abusers.

See THIS GIG below for a good example of how you can use words creatively:

Pay close attention to the wording below:

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 1_49_34 AM.png

Notice the part in BOLD is the Custom Text that YOU as a Seller gets to write – as long as you include the number “100%” in your Custom Text, there’s a good chance that an Abusive Buyer won’t notice it and as long as you have a good Feedback Rating as a Seller, it shouldn’t effect the Buyer’s willingness to trust you and purchase your Service.

Hope this helps,

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