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Fiverr Follows their Feared Foe’s ‘FreeMoney’ Program

free $5 fiverr

After living in Denial, Fiverr Finally breaks down and Follows the Path of their most Feared, Superior Rival; SEOClerks – by offering a Referral Program of their own: $5 for FREE – but is it Five Years too Late?

Fiverr Follows Path of Most Feared Superior

SEOClerks has offered a Robust Affiliate Program since their inception (followed by a flexible API which allowed Users to create Affiliate Stores such as , all of which attributed to a Record Breaking Rate of Growth!! Which is why they are Fiverr’s “Most Feared” Competition

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Fiverr $5 free money

@exxjordanary can Help u Increase Affiliate Sales @SEOClerks

exjordanary can Help u Increase Affiliate Sales @SEOClerks




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Don’t forget to Pay your Affiliate Nexus Taxes by April 15th

Resell and Outsource thousands of $1 Dollar SEO Services

Don’t forget to Pay your Affiliate Nexus Taxes by April 15th

I know what you’re thinking. Affiliate Tax?? WTF? Is this for REAL??

Yes. It’s real.

Officially named the “Nexus Tax” Law. It has been passed in multiple States across the USA over the past couple years. Also called the “Advertising Tax / Affiliate Tax / Amazon Tax”, some of these Bills were defeated, yet several more are still under consideration.

Nevertheless, it these taxes could directly impact your business and your source of income if you are in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

Why does this matter?

Merchants who conduct business with Affiliates residing in those States are required by law to collect and remit sales tax. This can result in many Merchants choosing to end their relationships with resident affiliates to avoid this expense. 

CLICK HERE or on the MAP BELOW for Updated info on the Future Plans for your State of Residency:

Nexus Affiliate Tax States Map USA

Contact your tax accountant For specific information on how this tax will impact your business.


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CommunityClerks Proves to Produce More Affiliate Contest Winners for SEOClerks

CommunityClerks Proves to be TOP Producer of Affiliate Contest Winners for SEOClerks


This is the 2nd WIN for Level X Member, “exjordanary” who Won $500 in the FIRST Affiliate Contest, and another $500 in the Last Contest.

When exjordanary was asked: WHAT WORKS BEST“?

– He Replied:

“I gotta tell ya, these Affiliate Landing Pages that offer FREE $2 Services via SEOClerk’s Free Money Promo, bring in TONS of Affiliates (I gain over 30 per day from these Pages ALONE)”



“Because if you’re trying to Target NEW MEMBERS to SEOClerks, they aren’t gonna be Searching Google for “SEOClerks” or “SEOClerks Coupons” or “SEOClerks Free Money” (unless they’re fraudsters).
You want to bring in people who are Searching for OTHER Popular Searches– such as “FREE Instagram Followers“, or “FREE Twitter Followers“, etc.

and That’s why I created THIS GIG HERE – Offering to Host these Landing Pages for Other SEOClerk Members where they can use their OWN Affiliate ID and Gain their own Affiliates – Hosted on CommunityClerks (which Ranks in the Upper 200k Alexa)”



“Youtube Videos”. Make Videos that Promote your Services, other Popular Services, Tutorials, or SEOClerks in General. Optimize them. Use them in your Gigs. Include your Affiliate ID in the Video’s Description. Then, Promote them withTHIS VIDEO GIG (yes, it’s my service- but go ahead and use anyone else’s service if you don’t want affiliates)”


You can GET PAID $5 per Video in the VIDEO PROMO at Communityclerks. Get Creative. Think outside of the box when it comes to Marketing yourself.

Find one of your own Services at one of the Stores Listed at the Bottom of this Post. Then make a Video about it. Submit it HERE, and get paid for making a Video about your OWN Service which is a Double Win for you!!



“Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I also Own the Following Affiliate Stores that harness the awesome Powers of SEOClerk’s API : *Thousands of Top Selling SEO Services for just $1 Dollar* *An Advanced Search Engine for the Clerks Marketplace* *Top Rated SEO Services from Level X-Pert Sellers ONLY* *Thousands of Top Selling SEO Services for $5* (just added new API “Min. Dollar”Function) *Top Selling SEO Micro Jobs- All Staff Certified. Tested. Approved* *100% Guaranteed SEO Services from Individual Sellers* *On-Sale SEO and Social Media Services updated by the minute* *Top Selling “Instant Download” Gigs ONLY* (using the new API Function for “Instant Services”)”

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