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SEOClerX Top Level-X Rated Services | SEO | SMO | SEM

SEO & Social Media Services from only the most Reputable, Trusted, Experienced, and Top Rated Sellers in the Marketplace.

SEO Clerks TOP Sellers Level X

If you’re a Level 3 Seller looking to become Level “X”, please Comment Below with your Username and Reason why you think you should be Promoted, and maybe you’ll get noticed by Staff..


SEOClerX Top Level-X Rated Services | SEO | SMO | SEM



(NOTE -PLEASE DO NOT Submit Tickets to the Help Desk at SEOClerks regarding anything relating to CommunityClerks!! Thanks)

6 Responses to SEOClerX | Services from Reputable Level “X” Sellers

  1. My user name is : sunil0021

    Thanks for giving us opportunity to for going to level X.

    Currently I’m level 3 member and help people on faq page so that they can easily get answers of their questions.

    Also i Share my knowledge about SEO, Google, Interesting stuff on forum of seoclerks.

    I also help many other buyers or seller’s on forum, also I’m active member there and I also have 0 negative reviews on seoclerks. And do my best for helping everyone.

    I use seoclerks as a payment source for my website and I think you know about it –

    I’m a member of seoclerks since December 22, 2012 and doing my best for every seller.

    Please Jordan consider me as a level X and make my dream true ( I always have only one wish at SEOClerks that I want to be a level X member and also want to work with staff if possible in future or coming years)

    Sunil Bishnoi

  2. To become Level X, you have to get noticed by a staff member. Asking for Level X actually gets you blocked from becoming level X. IE: commenting for a review as mentioned above would get you blocked from level X.

    Also, there is a bit of misconception here. The Jordan that runs this blog is not the Jordan who runs SEOClerks (me) so please stop entering tickets about the promotions this fine site runs.


    • Jordan says:

      Thanks Jordan for clarifying.

      BTW: This is not where Users would Comment for a “Review”, but rather a alternative avenue where Users can Comment in hopes to get noticed by Staff- which should result in LESS HelpDesk Tickets.

      i.e.: If you are watching this Post and Commenting, then perhaps there’s a better chance one would get noticed 🙂

      Regardless of who’s who, any Blog that has to do with NOTHING else but SEOClerks, will most likely cause you to get Support tickets every now and then.

      I’ll do what I can to prevent it.


      -(the “other”) Jordan

    • Ajlancer says:

      Thanks jordan for clarifying me. I did not know you Jordan Delozier (seockers owner) and this site (Community clerks) owner are not same guy.
      I thought you give us chance here to expose why we are deserve for Leve X instead annoying support ticket.
      So please do not disqualifying me for Level X for above comments.


      • Jordan says:

        That’s exactly what it was meant for AJ. So thank you for your Comment,

        After all, you DID get noticed by Staff -right?

        But I guess you’re not supposed to Submit Support Tickets requesting Level X. That’s all.

        It was partly my fault because of the way I worded the Post. So I don’t think you’re getting “blocked” from Level X –
        Perhaps Jordan was directing that towards ME 🙂


  3. Ajlancer says:

    Hi Firstly Thanks to you for give us scope as open area as comments for getting Level X. I am level 3 seller and I am always looking for getting level X just moment after getting level 3 which one year before but yet I do not get level X.
    As I know there has some norms to get Level x. And I think I fill all requirement for getting level X.

    Below I will describe one by one am I qualified of not? Or why I should promote in Level X?

    1. Informing buyers how to reject/cancel if work is not satisfactory.
    This ensured the buyer was happy or more work would be done.

    Answer: I done it many times and I inform it to all buyer for each delivery

    2. Giving buyers free orders for ordering other seller products.

    Answer:I have done it also

    3. Recommending other seller gigs over their own to ensure buyer satisfaction.

    Answer: I have done it also

    4. Using SEOClerks as the payment source for your website.

    Answer: For this qualification I made a website few days before:

    5.Constantly contributing to the FAQ and/or Forum above and beyond user level requirements.

    Answer: Yes I do it always on FAQ section and forums

    6. Reporting Gigs, Forum and FAQ items that violate our TOS.
    Answer: Yes i think I did it also

    Finally I am member here over 1 year and always active as seller and buyer parts. More then 1400 positive feedback and 99% rating I have. Though I saw many level X seller less then 50 positive feedback and just over 90% rating. Consider with all I must think I am a serious candidate for Level X seller.

    So Please Jordan consider me as a Level X and make a dream for me.



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