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Say Goodbye to Negative SEO and Spammy Links for GOOD!!


Say Goodbye to Negative SEO and Spammy Links for GOOD!!

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This is just more Job Security for SEO Experts, and heck, even BlackHatter’s themselves can now offer “Disavow” as an SEO Service to the Un-Savvy Sucker who paid them to put the Links there in the first Place!!

According to Google, the “Disavow” Tool is to be used if you suspect that the reason you were hit by a Panda, a Penguin, or a Hummingbird was the cause of a 3rd Party’s ill will towards you. Maybe it’s a Competitor who only had to spend a buck or two at one of those $0.99 Cent- $1 Dollar SEO Stores to buy some Spammy Links pointing to your Site to hit you with a Panda.

Or perhaps it was that shady “Blackhatter Webmaster Guru” you hired last month to Boost your Rankings looking for you to hire him again. Better yet, maybe it’s even your Webmaster’s Competition trying to steal his clients out from beneath him as he whispers in your ear, “See? I told you that guy sucked, Now, all I need you to do is get me the formula for the “Ever-Lasting-Gobstopper” he’s been sucking on.



I hope this doesn’t just keep going in Circles, but knowing Google, I predict we’ll be dancing for a good while.


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