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Review of SEOClerks Seller “waqas007”

Review of SEOClerks Seller waqas007

Member Since: April 10th, 2012
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98% Positive
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Level 3




In case you’re not Familiar with the latest craze, then I suggest you educate yourself by reading our Article: “The importance of Obtaining Social Media Followers” before you begin to doubt the importance of the Gig in this Review.

But FIRST, read this Review here now. If you’re not Convinced by the time you’re finished, THEN go read our Article.

A long time Member of SEOClerks, and Level 3 Seller “waqas007” is offering Instagram Followers at the Rate of $2 per 1,000 Followers in this Gig here:

“I will Provide 1,000+ INSTAGRAM followers to your Instagram Account In 24 hour and Without password Fast Delivery for $2”

-and there is NO LIMIT to how many times you can Order this Gig per Profile!! In fact, if you Order the Gig “extras”, you can get them even Cheaper – like 10,000 Followers for only $8 Bucks!!

Now some might ask why don’t they just make a Gig for 10,000 Followers for $8 instead of all these confusing “extras”?? But some people don’t recognize Clever Marketing when they see it.

This Seller does this intentionally to extend their Market Reach to people that may only want to spend $2, but also gives them the option to buy more if they wish. I say, good thinking! Because you can always ADD more to your Services with “extras”, you can’t SUBTRACT (unless there was a Feature called “Reductions” – opposite of “extras”) – but until then, this is the best way to go.

The Seller makes it Clear that although these are NOT Real Followers, they DO all come from Different IP’s, have Real Pics, Profiles, Bios, and even Followers themselves!! So essentially you get a 2nd Tier of Followers!!

Now, in case you’re wondering why the heck would anyone want to PAY for Followers who weren’t Real, Authentic Humans??

Well, think about this. Let’s say they WERE Real – and they were paid to Follow you. Not because they found you interesting or cared about anything you had to say. In fact there’s not one reason at all why these “Real, Authentic People” would want to Follow you except for the fact that they were Paid to. Now how “Authentic” is that? If Authenticity is a Concern of yours, then you shouldn’t be paying for Followers in the First place!

Plus, since Real People have Free Will, they will most Likely “Unfollow” you once you leave Positive Feedback for the Seller. So you may as well buy THESE Followers from “waqas007”!!

In case you’re still wondering what the purpose behind buying these types of Followers is, first let me Quote a phrase from our Article (the one I provided a Link to at the beginning of this Review), and if you’re still not convinced, Read the whole thing, then come back and Buy this Gig:

“..the main purpose in obtaining these kind of Social Media Followers is merely to popularize your account in order to attract REAL Followers in the Future (since people are more likely to be attracted to what is “Popular”).
They will be more likely to Follow you if they see that others are also interested.

Much like how a street entertainer on a Promenade draws people’s attention which creates a crowd. Then you walk by, and you see a crowd of people standing around which makes you want to go over there and see why there’s a crowd – and when everybody does this, the crowd continues to grow. A crowd attracts a crowd.

And the same thing applies to Followers. Nobody wants to Follow someone who has no Followers. It takes Friends, to make Friends.”

The above becomes even MORE important when it comes to Business. So do you want to be a lonely Loser with no Friends, Followers, or Customers? Or are you going to Order THIS GIG from SEOClerks Seller waqas007”??


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Gig’s Feedback Score: 100% Positive

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