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Review of SEOClerks Seller “mqss”

Review of SEOClerks Seller “mqss”
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For all of you who don’t know this, Youtube Videos have become some of the most influential marketing and promotional Tools in today’s race to the top Rank. Most people don’t think about the fact that Google OWNS Youtube, so what better way to Rank high in Google than with a Youtube Video?!!

Well that’s what SEOClerks Seller “mqss” realized back when they Listed this Gig:

“I will make you short HD advertising video with 7 lines of text for $5”

-and has since made many Happy Customers!!

Combine that with a Video Promotion Gig and you’ll have your Video Ranking higher than what most Websites Rank after having Spent thousands on SEO.

Then, what you can do is either put your Website or Affiliate Link in the Description, or better yet, Create a Call-to-Action on your Video by running a “One-Time” Adwords Promo on that Video. Once you’ve run Adwords on any given Video, it will allow you to Create your own, Custom Call-to-Action on it FOR LIFE!! Even after your Adwords Ad stops running!! 

I came in 2nd Place in the last Affiliate Contest that SEOClerks did, and a majority of my Conversions came from Youtube Videos. So the question is, can you afford NOT to Buy this Gig??

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Gig’s Feedback Score: 100% Positive


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