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Review of SEOClerks Seller “ajlancer”

Review of SEOClerks Seller “ajlancer”: 

If you were to ask me what makes a good Candidate for “Level X”, I would tell you to take a look at Level 3 Seller: “ajlancer”.

A member of SEOClerks since May of 2012, they have over 60 Gigs listed, accumulating almost a thousand Positive Feedback ratings.

Some of their most popular Gigs are their Link Promos on Facebook.

For just $1 Dollar, they’ll Promote any URL you wish to over 7 Million+ FB users as seen in THIS GIG HERE. (their Gig is also Featured in our List of $1 Dollar SEO Services HERE).

For just a few bucks more, they’ll Promote your Link to over 30,000 Million Facebook Users as seen in THIS GIG.

Be sure to Visit ajlancer’s Profile for more Gigs!!


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