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Review of Press Release Service by SEOClerks Seller: figuren

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A Review of SEOClerk’s Seller figuren” | Press Release Service

Member Since: Feb. 19th, 2013
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100% Positive

Skills:   SEO | Blogging | Facebook | Translating | Backlinks | Web 2.0 | Google+ | Link Building | Press Releases | Social Media

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Today I want to Review this Seller’s Press Release Service

CLICK for Press Release Service

CLICK IMAGE for Press Release Service

As you can see above, he’s one of the few Sellers on SEOClerks willing to offer a 100% Guarantee on his Service- and it’s obvious this Seller knows what they are doing and Confident in their Abilities. 

Now, I’m not going to go into repeating the Gig’s Description which can be Read HERE – but to get over 800 Quality White-Hat, Manual Backlinks for under $40 bucks is already a great Deal

But as a Press Release going out to News Sites such as Google News, SbWire and over 500 other News Sites, you just can’t beat that. 

Not to mention the Social Media Blast & Blog outreach they do – this Service is ABSOLUTELY Essential for ANY New Business. Both online & offline. 

So be sure to check out THIS Press-Release Service before they Realize how good of a Deal you’re getting and raise their Prices 🙂 

 Be sure to see the other Services offered by this Seller at their Profile HERE

Gig’s Feedback: thumb_up thumb_down 0

Gig’s Feedback Score: 100% Positive

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Seller’s Profile: figuren


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