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Review #3 of Seller “seo2012” | by: CommunityClerks Admin.

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Review #3 of  SEOClerkz Seller


by: CommunityClerks Admin.


Member Since: Oct. 3rd, 2012

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98.7% Positive

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Level 3


This Level 3 Seller has continued to progress in our Marketplace and has added even MORE Services to his Selection HERE. But the MAIN Service I wanted to tell everybody about was this one:

Submit your business details on the ►►► 36 TOP US CITATION SITES ►►► to boost your google places listing for $5

SEE Seller’s Video Here:


Submission to 36 TOP US Citation Sites for $5

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Having Citations are absolutely VITAL for ANY Local Business these days- and this Clerk is one of the BEST in our Marketplace at offering them.

To find out more about the importance of Citations, please read THIS ARTICLE HERE


You can see more Services from this Seller at their Profile ~HERE~


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Seller’s Profile: seo2012


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Submission to TOP 36 CITATION SITES FOR $5 dollars

Sep 7, 2013 by

photo of '36 Top Citation Submission HERE'

seo2012 will Submit your business details on the ►►► 36 TOP US CITATION SITES ►►► to boost your google places listing for $5 *Citations* – Top USA Business Submission* -We will add your business details on 36 local business directories manually.. Any good Local SEO must include citations to boost the G+ / Places listing. So it will help your local SEO and will in turn boost your places ranking. We do all the work manually.We manually check the info submitted on Citation sites. That why people like us. On work completion I will send you Excel report with live links or current status.

Guaranteed offer for manual and for quality service Very cheap

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