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Promotional Tips for New Sellers on SEOClerks


Promotional Tips for New Sellers on SEOClerks

A good way for New Sellers to get a little Promotion is to leave Recommendations for Notable SellersStaff Members, and/or Level X Sellers.


Because  your “Recommendation” is the first thing Users see when Visiting that Seller’s Profile. It’s even positioned above that Seller’s Services!!

Only the most recent Recommendation shows up on the Seller’s Profile Page. Then once another User leaves a Recommendation after you, it gets placed on the Recommendation Page

Still confused?

Take a look at the Recommendation I left on THIS USER’s Profile. (seen below)

Sample Recommendation

Study the details. Notice the use of Affiliate ID’s in every URL– and the subtle hint of Self-Promotion, but nothing too extreme.

Be careful not to “up-stage” the Seller you’re recommending – and you’re only allowed to leave ONE Recommendation per User.


This is merely ONE little Marketing Strategy which should be combined with MANY others such as offering great Services at competitive prices, promoting the SEOClerks Marketplace in all your Social Networks.

So Every little bit counts.

All of these different things are each just one aspect of a much “Bigger Picture”:

Which is to Promote the growth and prosperity of the Clerks Community.

The only requirement is that you need to have had a transaction with whichever Seller you leave a Recommendation for. 

Learn how to Leave a Recommendation HERE

Then start shopping around in the “Level X” Marketplace TODAY!!

Promotional Tips for New Sellers on SEOClerks

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