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Guarantee Reject now requires a reason | SEO Forum by SEOClerks.


Protecting the Buyers is great and all. So I think this is a step in the right direction to protect Sellers.
But I think more can be done, especially for Reputable Sellers with that have been proven to be honest.
Sure, we need to make the buyers feel comfortable with their purchases. But Buyers come and go. Reputable Sellers don’t come around very often, and I think it’s important for SEOClerks to do what it takes to keep those Sellers from finding another home.
So why can’t a Level X Seller with over 500 Positive Feedbacks 99% Positive (for example), be given a Guarantee that they’ll get Paid? Many times have I started a job (which costs money, time & resources btw), only to have it Cancelled half way through, or have the Buyer Revoke the Guarantee.
Now, I understand the need for SEOClerks to cover their asses when a fraudulent buyer reverses payment- so I’m not suggesting they take 20% of our losses only because they take 20% of our Gains.
But perhaps maybe us Reputable Sellers can require a Non-refundable Deposit (a percentage of the Full Cost) prior to the acceptance of Orders priced above a particular price threshold. These “Deposits” would have to be Paid AND “Cleared” by Paypal before the Seller can begin the Order.
If that sounds too unreasonable (or time consuming), than how about the ability for Sellers to set Buyer Requirements in order for them to place orders on their Gigs. For example, an Individual Setting for each Seller such as:
  • Do not Accept Orders from Buyers with a Feedback Score of ___ or Less
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers who have been Members of SEOClerks for less than ___ Weeks/Months…
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers in these Countries:
  • D0 not Accept Orders from Buyers with the following Usernames: (the good ol’e Buyer Blacklist we’ve been waiting for)
  • ONLY Accept Orders from Buyers who Speak __________ (language barriers have lead to a majority of my disputes)


Perhaps allowing these types of “Preventative” Features to be set by Sellers, would relieve the HelpDesk from the amount of Tickets it Receives, AND give Less-Reputable Sellers Incentives to build their Reputations!!
Just a thought (or two)
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