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My 1 Year in Seoclerks | SEO Forum by SEOClerks

My 1 Year in Seoclerks | SEO Forum by SEOClerks.


I have completed about six months at SEOClerks, joined in Aug 2012.

Honestly I thought and under the impression, it’s just one more site on ‘Micro Job Marketplace‘, and so for about 3/4 months I was not very active and was also not login for many days. Suddenly one day I got couple of orders and notice good response from the buyers. And I started spending time by reading many gigs and services offered. And started adding my other services/gigs.

I realized that SEOClerks is mainly focusing on SEO and related services, believe me I don’t think there are many sites on this niche, also SEOClerks is very well promoted, it has also offering affiliated program/sales and also many other way to earn their member from SC, which many sites are not offering in this segment.

In short, I would say SEOClerks is one of the best and leading site in this segment on net. It is also neat, clean and well maintained site.

And the most important thing is the admin, he is really interested to add new and innovative features to improve SEOClerks. He is always asking about new ideas and feedback from the members via support, where he and his team are very quick at support which is really a positive point from owner point of view. He is easily approachable, unlike other admins.

I would really like to know the person who has recommended & suggested this site (I am sure it was through affiliate link), and say him/her big ‘Thank You’. Is there any way to know that person?

I am really happy to be part of this site. Here I can offer my services like signature links sell/rent, banner & sponsor link selling etc. and also can buy the service to promote my forum.

Undoubtedly SEOClerks would be a leading site in this segment / niche in coming days.

All the very best SEOClerks.



One Response to My 1 Year in Seoclerks | SEO Forum by SEOClerks

  1. Hopefully we will continue to grow! We are gaining ground and continue to add amazing features.

    BTW, looks like “vartox” recommended you to SEOClerks. Do you know them?

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