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How to handle Buyers who Abuse the “Money Back Guarantee”

Abusive Buyers and the “money back guarantee”:

This is what we call “Buyer Abuse” and it has become more and more Common in the past couple years. Especially since many large Companies that accept Electronic Payments (ebay, paypal, amazon) have been known to side with the buyer 99.9% of the time.

There a couple things we suggest you do:

1)- Report them to the “Abusive Buyer Blacklist” here at CommunityClerks by submitting their SEOClerks Username along with any information about the transaction they abused. This will be seen by SEOClerks Admins & will help them to stop these buyers if they see them abusing the system more than once.
It will also be seen by other Sellers so they can be aware of these Abusive Buyers.

2)- Lower the Percentage of your Guarantee from 100% down to a much lower number – even 1%.

This will allow the Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 1_48_11 AM.png Flag to still be advertised in your Gig’s listing to attract more buyers, but will deter abusers.

See THIS GIG below for a good example of how you can use words creatively:

Pay close attention to the wording below:

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 1_49_34 AM.png

Notice the part in BOLD is the Custom Text that YOU as a Seller gets to write – as long as you include the number “100%” in your Custom Text, there’s a good chance that an Abusive Buyer won’t notice it and as long as you have a good Feedback Rating as a Seller, it shouldn’t effect the Buyer’s willingness to trust you and purchase your Service.

Hope this helps,

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