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Gain Affiliates & Sales | Embed Gigs into Social Media Tool

Make your SEOClerks Gigs GO VIRAL by Embedding your Affiliate Link & Coupons into our Social Media Sharing Tool

CLICK IMAGE Above to Make your Gig “Go Viral”

Make your Gigs GO VIRAL & Gain Affiliates by Embedding your Affiliate Link & Coupon Code into a Social Media Sharing Tool.

Then, all Visitors on your Gig’s Page, will be Given the Option to “Tweet” about your Gig in order to Access your Discount. (or Share on Facebook, Linkedin, or Vk)


A Discount that YOU

  • Don’t EVER Lose Money on
  • Can Gain Affiliates with
  • Can Keep PRIVATE!!


Why would you want to Publicly Display your Gig’s Coupon Codes for the whole world to seo?? (that was a joke, I meant to say “see”)

Only to have your “Loyal”, Return-Customers exploit your willingness to Sacrifice a piece of your Hard-earned, Ever-Shrinking Profit Margin, just so they can keep getting the SAME Discount over and over without giving you anything in return!?!? 

You call that LOYAL??

Isn’t the purpose of a “Discount” or a “Coupon” to attract NEW Customers?? AND Gain Affiliates??

Well, with THIS Method, you can stand up straight!!

No more bending over!!

Because even Return Customers will have to Tweet about your Gig EACH TIME they Purchase it (if they want a Discount, that is).

Which will eventually Lead to More “New Customers” for YOU!!

Buyers get a Discount on your Gig in exchange for Social Media Shares upon Checkout?? What a CONCEPT!!


  • Embed your Affiliate Link & Coupon Code into it’s Social Media Sharing Tool.

Then, give you a… 

  • Banner that Displays at the Top of your Gig which looks like This: 
This is the Banner that will go inside your Gig

We will Customize this Banner According to your Discount- Different Sizes Available


This will make your Visitors have to

  • “Tweet” about your Gig to Access your Discount.

A Discount that YOU

  • Create
  • Control
  • Keep from the Public.


This Service is 100% Guaranteed by the Seller to give you MORE exposure or your Money Back!!

Level X Seller Guarantee - 100% Refund by exjordanary on SEOClerks 

Seller Level:

SEOClerks TOP Seller Level X

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