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Coupon Codes for SocialClerks??

Coupon Codes for SocialClerks!?!?!

What if there were “User-Generated” Coupon Codes for SocialClerks? Would you use this Feature?

Coupons that Individuals could Create using their OWN Credits!!

So not only could they use them to Promote SocialClerks via their Affiliate Link, but they could use them with their own Promotions such as the Twitter Promo we’re holding here on CommunityClerks.

What if you don’t have Credits to spare??

I’ve got a Solution for that!

Credits can be subtracted from your own Referral Credit!!

So for example, if you get 1,500 Credits per referral, let’s say you wanted to dedicate 500 of those Credits towards a Coupon Code that would be deducted from your Referral Credit upon Redemption, thereby Crediting you, only 1,000 for the Referral instead of 1,500.

Let me know what you guys think by Voting or Commenting below!!

One Response to Coupon Codes for SocialClerks??

  1. bompany says:

    I love this blog, always great content

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