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Promotion And Earnings In Social Networks

Create your tasks in this new kind of service: engage your target audience into groups and place posts with your advertising!

A new way to draw attention of your existing and potential customers in the social networks by an affordable price. You can create tasks for all users of this service and reward them for every “like”, subscribe or “visit” to your site. You can also choose to “like”, repost and retweet the pages you receive- and be compensated while gaining new contacts within your interests!



Promotion And Earnings In Social Networks


Looking for customers is one of the important aspects of any business. So it is important to take every opportunity to do so. With this Tool you can easily:

– Draw attention to yourselves and present your company.
– Share your offer of services and products.
– Promote your personal or business pages in social networks.
– Attract traffic to the site or viewers to the YouTube clip.




Looking for customers is one of the important aspects of any business. So it is important to take every opportunity to do so. With LikesRock you can easily:

Coupon Codes for SocialClerks??

Coupon Codes for SocialClerks!?!?!

What if there were “User-Generated” Coupon Codes for SocialClerks? Would you use this Feature?

Coupons that Individuals could Create using their OWN Credits!!

So not only could they use them to Promote SocialClerks via their Affiliate Link, but they could use them with their own Promotions such as the Twitter Promo we’re holding here on CommunityClerks.

What if you don’t have Credits to spare??

I’ve got a Solution for that!

Credits can be subtracted from your own Referral Credit!!

So for example, if you get 1,500 Credits per referral, let’s say you wanted to dedicate 500 of those Credits towards a Coupon Code that would be deducted from your Referral Credit upon Redemption, thereby Crediting you, only 1,000 for the Referral instead of 1,500.

Let me know what you guys think by Voting or Commenting below!!

List of Social Exchanges!!

Attention Readers!!

We have JUST Posted a long list of over 25 FREE Social Exchange Sites HERE!!

Social Exchanges are where REAL People Follow & Like each other’s Social Media Profiles to help populate their Accounts.

These Sites are 100% FREE and abide by all Terms of the Sites being Exchanged- which include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +1, Youtube, Digg, Delicious, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Vimeo, Myspace, and many more!!

If anyone has one for us to add to the List, please feel free to Submit it by Commenting either here or below the List.



Buying, Selling, & Trading Social Media Followers & Signals

$1 Dollar Twitter Followers

Buying, Selling, & Trading Social Media Followers:

Many of us in the Social Media Business are aware of the importance of having a Social “Presence” if we ever plan on getting noticed in this endless Web of World Wide proportions.

One way this “presence” is accomplished is with Social Media Followers. The more Followers you have, the more Credibility you have as an Internet “Presence”.

But how do you get noticed by potential Followers without a “Presence” to begin with??

Another Catch-22!?!

Just like you need money to make money, experience to get experience, light to find a light switch, gas to get to the Station, & glasses to find your contacts, you also need Followers to get Followers.

But where do you start?

twitter  twitter  twitter  twitter

Buying Twitter Followers, especially in “Bulk”(anything over 5k), is never a good idea to do if you’re in it for the long run.

You can pretty much always count on the fact that whenever you buy BULK Twitter Followers from Sellers, they will almost always all drop…eventually.

It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s “when”.

When you buy Bulk Followers, they are NOT Real People who are willingly Following you because they are truly interested. (just throwing that in there for all the idiots who actually forgot the famous Beatle’s Classic: “Can’t Buy me Love”)

You’re buying a batch of BOTS that are created by the thousands (usually by some sort of Software or hacker sweating in a basement somewhere in Arkansas). I really am not sure since I’m not a sweaty hacker.

But somehow Twitter eventually detects these “pools” of Bulk Twitter Accounts that are being added to multiple Profiles by careless Sellers and eventually Twitter deletes all the accounts. Which leads to the term “Dropped Followers”.

You might be asking, well then what’s the purpose of buying Followers if eventually they’ll all drop?

ANSWER: In short, it will serve a temporary purpose in that it will Popularize and Optimize your Account (for the time being) which will help attract REAL Fans & Followers to your Profile.

It’s YOUR JOB as the Owner of the Account, to take advantage of this Window to Post Quality, Interesting Content in order to engage as Many Possible Prospects as possible so that hopefully, you’ll be able to GAIN “Real” Followers as your “Fake” ones begin to Drop off.

DO NOT go asking the person you Purchased Followers from, to ADD or “REPLACE” Dropped Followers. Their Job is not to “Maintain” your Account. That’s YOUR JOB. Stop being Lazy. Don’t expect to be Famous for sitting back and “Buying Love”. Even the Beatles Couldn’t do that! 

Don’t forget what your long term goals are. What purpose will your Twitter account ever serve if it always only has FAKE Followers? Seriously. Is it just so you can look cool and make your friends think you’re popular? Then don’t pay money for them!

Remember, that this will lead to REAL PEOPLE Following you!! Why? Because now you’ll have a “Presence” AND your Rankings will be MUCH higher!!

Not only will more Twitter followers rank you higher in Google and other search engines, but the interactions you have within Twitter such as Tweets, Re-tweets, Favorites, etc. will create backlinks which will also boost your popularity.

$1 Dollar Twitter Followers

  • OPTION TWO: Don’t BUY……. Exchange, Trade, or Resell!

One good way you can maintain your Follower Count is with Social Exchange Sites– which are 100% FREE and you don’t have to worry about losing ALL your Followers at once. Here are a few I like:
You can also see our FULL
List of Social Exchanges HERE or CLICK IMAGE BELOW:
FREE Traffic & Social Exchanges
Although some people on the exchange sites will create “dummy” accounts so they can just earn a bunch of credits, for the most part, they are closest to the “Real Thing” you can get without it being the real thing.
Remember that the main purpose in obtaining these kind of Social Media Followers is merely to popularize your account in order to attract REAL Followers in the Future (since people are more likely to be attracted to what is “Popular”).
They will be more likely to Follow you if they see that others are also interested.
Much like how a crowd of people gathering around a street entertainer on a Promenade would draw your attention and in turn create an even larger crowd.
Or how a Forum that has Zero activity and nobody posting anything in it will NEVER get going unless something gets it going.
Well, the same thing applies to Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans, Youtube Views, and all Social Media and SEO for that matter.




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