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What the Heck are Citations??

Most of our lives, we’ve been taught to associate the word “Citation” with something negative such as a Speeding Ticket or Parking in a Fire Lane.

But times have changed, and those days are OVER!!

That’s right.

Parking Tickets have been written out of all Local Law Books in every Metropolitan City and Small Town indefinitely!!

Ok, well, maybe that part isn’t true. But there IS a Type of Citation that can be beneficial to many people who may own a Business located in any County, City, Town, Village, or Tribe.


INTRODUCING…the POSITIVE side of Citations:

Most people in the Online Marketing, Social Media, or SEO Business still wonder what exactly these “Citations are.

Well, basically, they are created every time a Person talks about, Reviews, Recommends, or Blog’s about your “Business” online.


These are NOT “Backlinks” per say, (although some people may still Link to you), but more so, the Name and Location of your “Brick & Mortar” Business. Such as  a “Tweet” on Twitter, a Facebook Mention, an Answer on Yahoo, or a Review Yelp.


So to show you an example, if you searched Google for personal trainer Seattle , if you look for what stands out the Most (besides the Paid Ads & Review Sites)

You’ll notice the result Most Visible is

(YOU’LL ALSO NOTICE THEY’RE “Map” W/ Location, Reviews, AND Photos on the RIGHT)

That’s because they have a Google+ Local Page Connected to Several Citations (+Reviews) –Which is what “SEO2012” will help you with.

(to have a Google+ Local Page, you must Verify your Business and Mailing Address with Google. Whereas, a normal Google+ Plus Profile does NOT require such action)

PLEASE Read his SERVICE for Submission to 100 TOP Citation Sites HERE for just $12 Bucks!!

These are Directories Specifically Designed for Citations. Some are FREE to Submit to, but some are not. Either way, it is VERY Time Consuming because even FREE Directories require you to Create an Account.


So Rank to the TOP of Google for Local Search – Order Today!!

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Promotion And Earnings In Social Networks

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Promotion And Earnings In Social Networks


Looking for customers is one of the important aspects of any business. So it is important to take every opportunity to do so. With this Tool you can easily:

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Looking for customers is one of the important aspects of any business. So it is important to take every opportunity to do so. With LikesRock you can easily:

40+ Premium Responsive Wordpress Themes

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44+ Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

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40+ Premium Responsive WordPress Themes


40+ Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

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