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Automated Options for Resellers??

Admins Pick of the Week


Here’s a Concept. PLEASE VOTE BELOW to let us know what you think!!

This idea is a way to Automate the Process of Reselling Services from other SEOClerks Sellers.

All Services would be bought and Sold within SEOClerk’s Domain (no outside Sites)

References for this Example:
-Original Seller

Let’s say the “Original Seller” on SEOClerks is Selling 1,500 Youtube Views for $1 Dollar such as THIS Service:

But another Seller believes they can Resell it for the price of $2 Dollars because perhaps they have a Better Reputation on SEOClerks, or they have Paid to have their Gig “Featured” on the Front Page. This would be the “Reseller”.

A “Reseller” is someone who watches the Micro Job Marketplace (like a Stock Broker) for Low-Cost Services they can “Flip” at a higher price.

Then, after taking Service Price, Market Demand, & Seller Reputation into Consideration, the Reseller will re-Create, re-Package, re-Word, & re-List these Services they believe can Re-Sell at a higher Price.

Some Resellers are Cross-Market Resellers (buy on one marketplace, & resell on another).

But this would be for the SEOClerks Marketplace ONLY.

We all know SEOClerks takes a 20% Commission, so the Reseller would only Net $0.60 Cents on each Transaction.

Hardly worth the hassle of dealing with the Quantity of Orders and all the Customer Service that comes along with each Sale.

But what if it were all Automated?

How? would it work? Well…..

The “Buyer” places the Order from the Reseller for $2 Dollars, and follows the Seller Instructions (which would be identical to the “Original Seller’s” Instructions).

These instructions would most likely request that the Buyer provide their Youtube URL. But instead of it going to the “Reseller” it would automatically Forward to the “Original Seller”!!

In fact, ALL Communications between Buyer & Seller within any Resale Order would be “Blind”.

So to the Buyer, it would appear they are Communicating with the Reseller when in fact, they are Communicating with the “Original Seller”.

But to the Original Seller, it would still appear “as is”- Coming from the Reseller.

For the Buyer, it would appear as ONE Single Transaction, when in fact, there are TWO.

  1. The $2 Transaction between the Buyer & the Reseller
  2. The $1 Transaction between the Reseller & Original Seller

(each Transaction will still be treated as it’s OWN Stand-Alone, independent transaction– including Feedback, refunds, complaints, etc.)

The Original Seller would then add the 1,500 Views onto the Buyer’s Video, and when Finished, they would Deliver to the Reseller- who would then Verify the work first before finally Delivering it to the Buyer.

EVERYTHING would be Automated- Starting from Purchase- All the way to the END.

So the ONLY thing a Reseller would need to do is Verify the Work on all Orders from the Original Sellers before Delivering the FINAL WORK to the Buyers!!


Original Seller would simply Agree to “Allow others to Resell my Service” upon Gig Creation.

Seller makes more Sales!
Reseller Makes more Sales!
SEOClerks would make 2x 20% Commission!!




9 Responses to Automated Options for Resellers??

  1. Micro Clerk says:

    That’s right shubh,
    What on earth is SEO clerks thinking by taking in a profit?

  2. shubh says:

    What is the profit? Between reseller and original reseller , seoclerk should not take 20%.


  3. waji12345 says:

    Really Great though by Staff

    User: waji12345

  4. Haider says:

    When Did This Feature Gona Up????


  5. Micro Clerk says:

    Well, it would definitely open up a new category of users, buyers, sellers and now resellers. Reselling isn’t really crowdsourcing work so the resellers would be mainly affiliate publishers.

    I think there’s money to be made. Go for it.

    • Jordan says:

      Yes, but the difference would be that the Reseller would have the freedom to Change the amount of their Commissions by Adjusting their Markups at any given time- and also make changes to their Inventory to maximize their Sales potential according to the fluctuation of Market Demand.

      Whereas, with an Affiliate Publisher, they have no choice. They’re stuck with whatever the Conditions of the Affiliate Program are.

      This would open Double-Doors and give the “Reseller” or “Publisher” a degree of freedom beyond any Affiliate Program I’ve ever seen.

      Perhaps THIS might give you some ideas on how to structure YOUR Affiliate Program!! *lol*


      • Micro Clerk says:

        I gotta love the clerks community! I like the idea. I’m always looking for the pros and cons. You’ve mentioned the pros which are great. One of the cons is that people might lose heart in shopping around for a deal knowing that the person they are buying a gig from might be upping the price a little. But that’s probably not even going to be a variable to anything bad in the long run. However, that’s only from the perspective of someone logged in and actively surfing your SEOclerks

        Example: Someone logged, and surfing the SEOclerks site might be wondering if the job the gig they want to buy is found cheaper on another part of the site. The good thing is that might keep a visitor on the site longer looking for better deals.

        On the other hand, if this reselling gig(s) was placed on Another site in a iframe or whatnot then the surfer would see the small list of reseller jobs with the added on price without ever knowing or even thinking twice about it. So that’s a definite pro.

        I still think it’s a good idea. I’ve learned that you can’t ever stop making a real microjob site better. There is always something you can add to make the users happier

        (I sent you two emails in the last few weeks, btw)

        • Jordan says:

          Part of this Concept would Apply to people with Affiliate Stores that harness SEOClerk’s API (not just an iFrame) – so yes, in many cases, they would be on a completely different Domain.

          In the case where the shopper is browsing from WITHIN the SEOClerks Domain, you have to remember why the “Micro-Job” became so popular in the first place.

          Because people don’t have TIME to “browse” around, surfing for a better price.

          They’re busy with what they do for a living, and usually purchase the most Visible Service or from the most Reputable Seller.

          Especially on SEOClerks- which is why the “Featured Gigs” do so well and which is also why many Sellers such as the one in the Gig I referred to in the Original Post, have a hard time even getting their 1st Sale no matter how good their Price.

          I’ve actually been approached by lower Level Sellers asking me to List their Gigs in my Profile for them and offering me a percentage- JUST because of the mere fact that I am Level X with a good reputation.


  6. Vishal Arora says:

    that is the best idea, but sometime there will be difference in communication method, some talk very politely and honestly!
    and some like rude n in other way with clients!!!

    but still that is best program which you are going to launch..

    and jordan contact me i have one another idea in my mind from many days for best of seoclerks!!!

    this site is the best ever!! honestly.. buraaa…!!!



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