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API Updates!! SEOClerks, CodeClerks, and ListingDock!!

CLERK ALERT from CommunityClerks - SEOClerks Blog

New API Updates!! 

SEOClerks, CodeClerks, and ListingDock!!

New Updates have been Made to the API which now works for ALL THREE Clerk Marketplaces Separately!!

Added to the API were just a Couple Features, but have been long awaited:

  • Set Minimum Price
  • Select “Instant Downloads”

With the Minimum Price Function, you can Display Only Services that are $2 Dollars.

A good example would be Our FreeMoney Promo Page HERE

Or, for Affiliates who give out the $5 Dollar Coupons.

Now you can have a whole Store Full of $5 Dollar Services to show New Users what they can buy with their Coupon.

As an example, See our $5 Dollar Store:

You can also make a whole Store of JUST Instant Download Services for “people on the go” as shown in the “Instant” Section at CustomClerks HERE


Pretty cool huh??


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