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Don’t forget to Pay your Affiliate Nexus Taxes by April 15th

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Don’t forget to Pay your Affiliate Nexus Taxes by April 15th

I know what you’re thinking. Affiliate Tax?? WTF? Is this for REAL??

Yes. It’s real.

Officially named the “Nexus Tax” Law. It has been passed in multiple States across the USA over the past couple years. Also called the “Advertising Tax / Affiliate Tax / Amazon Tax”, some of these Bills were defeated, yet several more are still under consideration.

Nevertheless, it these taxes could directly impact your business and your source of income if you are in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

Why does this matter?

Merchants who conduct business with Affiliates residing in those States are required by law to collect and remit sales tax. This can result in many Merchants choosing to end their relationships with resident affiliates to avoid this expense. 

CLICK HERE or on the MAP BELOW for Updated info on the Future Plans for your State of Residency:

Nexus Affiliate Tax States Map USA

Contact your tax accountant For specific information on how this tax will impact your business.


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