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Welcome to Community Clerks!! The one & only Common Space where all “Clerks” can benefit!!

What defines a “Clerk” you may ask??

A Clerk is anyone who is an Active Member of one or more Sites from within the Clerk’s Network below:


…if you’d like to become a Clerk, go ahead and Join any of the Sites above. Signup is always quick, easy, & 100% FREE!!

Here are some of the Features we plan to offer here at Community Clerks:

  • The “Site Feedback” Section is where Clerks are given a chance to sound their Voice and Admins will Listen! Whether they have a Complaint to put in the “Swear Box”, or an Idea for the “Suggestion Ladder”. Negative or Positive. It don’t matter. Each will be heard equally and ALL will remain Anonymous!!
    • The “Swear Box” – Anonymous Complaint Board from the “Site Feedback” Section is where Users can Complain about anything in the “Clerks” Network and not have to worry about revealing their Identity. This Section is regularly read by or Reported to Clerks Network Admins – so your voice will be heard. If your Complaint is Valid, you can be assured that it will be resolved.
    • The “Suggestion Ladder” in the “Site Feedback” Section is where users can be rewarded for their Ideas!! If a suggestion gets used by the Admin. to make an actual improvement on the Site, then the “Suggester” will be rewarded depending on the kind of idea -with anything from Public Recognition by Admin, Free Promotions on the Website, Coupons for Store Credit, to actual Cash itself!!
  • “The Blacklist” is where Users can Anonymously Report Acts of Abuse and/or Fraud being Committed by other Users in Clerk’s Marketplaces so Site Admins & other Users can Prevent & Avoid Future occurrences.
  • Coupon Codes & Discounts (which will feature Coupon Codes redeemable for Individual Services AND Site Credit too!! )
    • “Twitter Promo” – This is where you can get a $5 Coupon for SEOClerks and 600 Free Coins for YouPlusLike Social Exchange just for Tweeting about CommunityClerks!!
    • $1 Dollar SEO Services section (this will feature a List of Services on SEOClerks that offer the biggest bang for a buck!!- similar to THIS).
    • Individual Seller’s Coupons (which will feature Coupon Codes redeemable for Individual Services ONLY!!)
  • Social Media>>
    • “Social Exchanges” is our List of some of the Top Social Exchanges on the Web today. Please feel free to inform us of any that are not yet Listed by Commenting. We are updating this List almost DAILY!!
    • “Social Bookmarks” is our List of over 200 Social Bookmarks. Feel free to add to this one too if we’re missing any.
  • “Top-Seller’s Tips” is where New Members can come learn from Seasoned Sellers by either Reading past Comments, or they can also Ask Questions by Commenting. Sellers who leave a “Tip” will also have the Privilege of Promoting their Services here on CommunityClerks by Linking to them in the Comment Section.
  • “Resources”  Which is just short for: “The ‘User-to-User‘ Promotional Multi-Media Exchange” -Which includes Promotional Videos that range in content from Self-Promotion, to the Promotion of others, as well as Testimonials of SEOClerks in General. Also Custom SEOClerks Banners created by AND for other Users such the ones that Users Created During the Free Money Giveaway
    • “Videos” Testimonials, Reviews, Service Demos, Work Samples, and more!!
    • “Images” Additional “Promotional Resources” such as Custom Banners made by Graphic Designers who sell on SEOClerks. Submit a Banner to Qualify for Free Advertisement of your Services!!



CommunityClerks was born on January 24th, 2013 and already Ranks as a Google PR2 Website and is in the Alexa TOP 200k-300k Websites Worldwide!! (that’s out of 650+ Million Websites and counting). 

It began as a Blog to handle Social overflow due to Rapid Growth- from what is now known to be the Planets Largest SEO Marketplace

-a Marketplace for Services Deliverable through the Web by Independent Sellers & Freelancers. (aka: “Clerks”)

But now, CommunityClerks is the Central Nervous System for all Social Affairs relating to the Marketplace, and ANY other Similar marketplaces around the World.

CommunityClerks offers  a variety of Promotions, Coupon Codes, Service Reviews, Contests, Giveaways, Tips from Top Sellers, Staff Recommendations, On-Sale & Discounted Services, and many more Resources for both Buyers & Sellers alike.


THE Central Hub for SEOClerks API Affiliate Stores- that are spreading like wildfire around the Web. So you don’t have to go looking for them. We have them ALL Listed here.

We also Listen to what Marketplace Members have to say in the Site Feedback Section where users can Submit Anonymous Complaints, or be rewarded for Site Suggestions that get used.

It is still a growing Network of online Buyers, Sellers, Freelancers….

We call them “Clerks”.

Are you a Clerk?

Or are you a jerk?

That’s it for now!!! We are working on those now!!


SEOClerks vs. Fiverr: 

FEATURES that SEOClerks has, that Fiverr DOESN’T:

  • Users can Mark Gigs “On Sale”
  • Create Coupon Codes for their Gigs
  • “Social Bump” Gigs to 1st Page
  • Submit Gigs for “Staff Certify” Section
  • Create an Attractive Gig (w/ BBCode)
  • Pay to Feature Gig on Front Page
  • Add a Money Back “Guarantee” to Gigs
  • “Level Up” by Contributing to the Community as an Active Member on the Site.


There are FOUR User Levels: 1  2  Level 3  SEOClerks TOP Seller Level X

-Level 1 (where everyone begins)

Level 2 (intermediate)

-Level 3 (serious)

-Level “X” (advanced- must be hand selected by Staff)


The Clerks Marketplace also has a fairly Robust Affiliate Program where Users can make a Commission of 10% FOR LIFE from each Purchase made by Members they Refer.

All Affiliate Statistics are displayed for each User when they’re signed in.

They can see the UserName, and Source Link of each Affiliate they referred – along with each purchase they make, and the Status of their orders in Real-Time!!

Users are each given a unique Affiliate ID which they can embed into almost ANY Page on the Site.

Including Individual Service URLs and even Profile Pages.

Users can even embed their Coupons into URLs!!

But it doesn’t end there.


For the more advanced Users, there’s always their new API Function –

Where Complex Data can be called from their Server in Real-Time.

This allows Members to create Custom Affiliate Stores using a Variety of the API’s Filters to display different Services from the Clerk’s Marketplace with the Users Affiliate ID embedded into each Service being displayed.


A couple examples of these Stores: 

(includes only $1 Dollar Services in order from MOST to Least Popular)


(this Store includes Services from “Level X” Sellers ONLY- which are the most reputable Sellers on SEOClerks)


These “Stores” are hosted and Promoted by the Users themselves in hopes to gain potential Affiliates. 


You may think 10% is a small amount, but we all know that 20% Commission is the Standard in the Micro-Job Marketplace. (sites like Fiverr take 20% of each Sale- leaving the Seller just $4).

Well, the Clerk’s Marketplace is offering HALF of their Commission to each person you refer..FOR LIFE!!

That’s basically like offering you Stock options in the Future of the Company. -and at the Rate they’re growing, (2nd largest Micro-Job Site Worldwide in just over a year), that’s like getting in on MicroSoft Stock in the early 1980’s.




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