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A Closer Look at SEO Marketplace Seller “seo2012” | Review

SEO SErvices for $1 dollar SEOClerks

A Closer look at SEO Marketplace Seller seo2012” | Review

Member Since: Oct. 3rd, 2012
Seller’s Feedback: thumb_up 97 thumb_down 1
99% Positive

Skills:   Local SEO | Traffic | Facebook | Twitter | Backlinks | Citation Site Submission | Google+ Places | 5-Star Review Service

Seller’s Level:
Level 3


This Level 3 Seller has added MANY more Services to their Portfolio that are definitely worth checking out. They are now offering 5-Star Reviews for Businesses, plus High Quality Human USA Traffic to your Website, and even Real Human Google Circles Services.

But this Seller STILL offers some of the BEST Citation Submission Services on SEO Marketplace.

I personally like this Service:

Business Website Submission to 100+ TOP US CITATION SITES

CLICK THIS IMAGE to View this Seller’s Service Page


Last time when we Reviewed this Seller’s OTHER Citation Service, it became SO Popular, it got Featured in the “Admin’s Pick-of-the-Week” Page during Week 4

You can see more Services from this Seller at their Profile ~HERE~


Expect to see this Service Featured in the “Admin’s Pick-of-the-Week” soon- because I have a Feeling it will get enough Thumbs up Votes from other Users.



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Gig’s Feedback Score: 100% Positive

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Seller’s Profile: seo2012


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