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I want my bands wiki draft article publishing, max bid of $10

The article has already been written fully – However, the citations are not valid enough , (e.g, facebook references etc). I want the article publishing properly, so if there is ..(SEE LISTING NOW)      

I want to buy an auto for the onmyoji game, max bid of $150

I want to buy an auto program for this game which can help me to finish all the daily missions of the game without time wasting.

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Channel For Sale HURRY, max bid of $80


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Free Download MP3 Music From Youtube Auto Convert To MP3, max bid of $20

Who can design me Free Download MP3 Music From Youtube Auto Convert To MP3 like ? I want it exactly very smart like this site with space for Adsense ..(SEE LISTING NOW)      

Build, setup and design a courier delivery site on wordpress for $50

Most of the internet user has something to sell, but the problem how to deliver it to the consumer destinations, and how to show the customer where their goods are ..(SEE LISTING NOW)      

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